Update: Gunman, 3 Hostages Dead at California Veterans Facility – Now Comes the Questions

Elder Patriot – Yesterday’s hostage situation didn’t end well.  Now, the facts are emerging and so are the questions.

Police identified the gunman as Albert Wong, 36, of Sacramento.  Wong reportedly held three women hostage during a nearly eight-hour standoff with police.

At around 6 p.m., after they had failed for nearly eight hours to make contact with Wong, authorities decided to enter the building and conduct a search.

That’s when authorities discovered the bodies of the three women – identified as Christine Loeber, 48, executive director of the program; Jennifer Golick, 42, a clinical director; and Jennifer Gonzales, 29, a clinical psychologist – as well as the body of Albert Wong.

They are believed to have been hours earlier which begs the question why these women were left defenseless after police negotiators had tried and failed to make contact with Wong over those eight hours?

If the women had been carrying concealed weapons would one or more of them have walked away from this?

The women were all employees of Pathway Home a group dedicated to treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in returning veterans.

Here’s where the questions start getting dicier. 

Fox News has reported that Golick’s father-in-law said she had recently ordered Wong removed from the program.

Why?  Had Wong been menacing others in the program or threatening violence in other ways?  Wasn’t Golick a professional trained to recognize a patient bordering on exploding?  Had anyone at the facility alerted law enforcement that Wong had been expelled from the program?

Actually, a scan of Golick’s resume might lead one to conclude that she occupied more of an administrative role for Pathway.  Her education PhD LMFT and experience was primarily as a licensed marriage and family therapist (16 years) with prior positions running addiction rehab programs. 

Of the other two victims, only Gonzales appears to have been specifically qualified to treat PTSD.  Gonzales received her Doctor of Psychology degree from Palo Alto University in 2003 and later completed a postdoctoral fellowship “where she focused on working with veterans with PTSD, caregivers, and couples.” 

This adds another question to the list: Why isn’t the largest veterans facility in the United States properly staffed to address the mental health needs of returning vets, especially in light of the fact that PTSD is a direct result of these vets overseas military experiences?

Until we have answers to these questions, this appears to be as big a failure on the part of those we are supposed to trust as was the Broward County PD and FBI’s failure in stopping Nikolas Cruz’s rampage.

Coming a week before the House votes on H.R. 4477, that would bestow the authority to impose broad gun ownership restrictions on the say so of any single government bureaucrat across a wide array of agencies, we should all have our antennas up. 

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