Undeniable Truth About Ryancare Defeat: Trump and the American People Won Yesterday

ELDER PATRIOT – The sound of Paul Ryan’s presidential aspirations shattering into a thousand pieces could be heard resounding through the halls of Congress yesterday.  This is what Draining the Swamp looks like.  It begins with cleansing your own party first.

Speaker Ryan has sought to undermine Donald Trump from the time he became the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.  He even presented his own vision – a competing agenda from the one President Trump was pushing – called “A Better Way.”

Yesterday his “Better Way” was rejected by the peoples’ representatives in the Peoples House.  It was a stunning defeat for the haughty Speaker of the House who had planned on spending the next four years undermining the president in order to clear the way for his 2020 presidential challenge to the president.

In a brilliant Machiavellian move President Trump gave Ryan all the rope he needed to hang himself.  And, the Speaker obliged.  The fact that Ryan convinced himself that a few words of praise aimed at President Trump in the past week or two would actually make Trump forget Ryan’s snarky and unsupportive actions of the past year and a half shows just how full of himself he is.

And, it was this hubris that leaves the architect and owner of Ryancare politically radioactive.  Calls for Ryan to be replaced as Speaker have already begun and are likely to intensify as Republican congressmen hear the message from their constituents that they want a return to free market capitalism and that includes the healthcare marketplace.

To those who say this was a defeat for President Trump consider how much easier he will find things now that Paul Ryan has been neutered.  While yesterday was not an outright win for President Trump it was for the American people who Trump has promised to represent.

With Ryan now out of the way President Trump can begin putting his vaunted negotiating skills to work and come up with a far better plan for the majority of Americans.  There is plenty of time for Trump to recover from this setback but it’s hard to see how Ryan can which means the president can expect clearer sailing for his agenda – the agenda of the American people.