UN Compares Trump to ISIS

ELDER PATRIOT – Jordanian Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein is the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights.  Seriously, a man who has never won a popular election and who comes from a country that lags behind the free world on granting rights to women has been given the moral authority by an organization that similarly has no popularly elected members to preach to us about moral equivalency.

So Mr. Zeid who should have no more moral standing to make these determinations than does Khalid Sheikh Mohhamed has compared Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Gert Wilders, Viktor Orban, and Marine Le Pen to the Islamic State.

Mr. Zeid’s insistence in comparing those seeking to impose their religion on the world community through the use of violence with those determined only to defend themselves and their way of life is the type of rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the United Nations.

The UN is the home of the Globalist movement having given us documents of biblical importance like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 that are nothing more than recipes for Global Socialism.

Why we continue to allow the UN to occupy 18 highly valuable acres on the west side of Manhattan while the federal government and New York City picks up the tab has become inexplicable.

The raw land alone is worth far in excess of $2 billion.  Fully developed the property is more than capable of generating hundreds of billions of dollars of economic vitality to New York City with attendant tax revenues.

With our children set to inherit the stifling debt that we irresponsibly allowed the political class to place upon them it’s way past time to tell the United Nations they should look elsewhere to continue their anti-American globalist planning. 

The $8 billion in annual savings that we support the United Nations with is a good place to start reducing our annual deficit.  Then putting the site on the East River to its highest and best use through redevelopment can generate the money to start significantly cutting the debt burden for our children.

Frankly, there could be no better use of eminent domain to advance the interest of Americans.  The Supreme Court’s Kelo decision has already found that the promise of increased tax revenues forms a legitimate basis for the taking of land.  We can offer the UN land in Albany.  The depressed upstate New York region can use the business.