Two Recent Incidents That Prove President Trump’s Commitment to His Base is as Strong as Ever

ELDER PATRIOT – As President Trump has allowed himself to be more and more isolated in the White his supporters have been looking for any hint of evidence that he may be abandoning his campaign promises and the he’s succumbing to the Globalists that are now surrounding him.

The mainstream media has been quick to seize on anything they can, including fake news, and run it through their echo chamber to try separating the president from his base that now constitutes the single largest political bloc, by far.

Unfortunately, even normally reliable Trump allies in the alternative media have become so paranoid that they joined in by castigating the president.

When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi emerged from a dinner at the White House with the president they tried framing the narrative:  Trump had caved on DACA without getting anything in return. 

Both the MSM and the alternative media, usually supportive of Trump, ran with their own narratives that painted Trump as caving.

Then, later that night after Schumer and Pelosi resorted to dirty political tricks, Trump’s trusted press secretary cleared the air:

The next morning Trump let his base know that he wasn’t the expert at the Art of the Deal for no reason:

The second manic reaction came when President Trump delivered two important speeches on Afghanistan that didn’t include the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

For the leftist MSM this was a sign that Trump was softening his position on the subject.  The alternative media was concerned that Trump had abandoned his hardline stance against terror and was pivoting in Europe’s self-destructive direction.

That was a mistake.  Following London’s horrific tube bombing President Trump was at Joint Base Andrews on Friday where he said that people should believe him when he says that “Radical Islamic terrorism–it will be eradicated.  Believe me.” 

It may take a full two terms but the American people are going to eventually come to understand that this president is resolute in his views and in keeping his campaign promises.

Trust in Trump.