Two Reasons to Trust Trump on Getting the Border Wall Built

Elder Patriot – This is exactly the pathetic response the multinational-owned mouthpieces in Washington opposing President Trump’s border wall were hoping for when they announced their intention to not fund the border wall:

Don’t be pathetic.

There’s two reasons why you should trust President Trump to git ‘er done, if not immediately then, before the 2020 election.

First, Trump has delivered the reforms, that were wholly within his power to do so, that he promised during the campaign.

If he accomplishes nothing else than extricating us from the Paris Climate accord, the Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, bringing China to heel, ending the JCPOA, and stripping us of onerous, investment-killing regulations, these would make for a highly successful two-term presidency.

All of these were accomplished without the help of the multinational-owned UniParty that controls Congress.

Trump hasn’t gotten very little help from Congress, and he likely won’t get any help going forward because those powers want Trump out before he upsets the entire multinational plan for world economic domination.

It’s important to recognize this “fact” of swamp life or you’ll continue falling for the UniParty’s schemes.  In my view there are two political parties in Washington but, from a functional standpoint, they are not Republicans and Democrats.

There is only the multi-nationalist coalition – Democrats and Republicans – and the Party of Trump.  Everything else is for show, propagated by the mercenary propagandist media.  Anything else is a product to advance the decepticon agenda.

Once you understand who’s driving the bus in Washington, you’ll understand what President Trump is up against.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell literally campaigned against Trump in 2016 and have steadfastly failed to deliver on his agenda to this day.  Lose the idea that they’re feckless and being run over by Democrats.

Ryan and McConnell are seasoned backroom powerbrokers.  Their “failures” are by design. As to the rest of the so-called Republicans, if they weren’t happy with Ryan and McConnell they would’ve bounced them and replaced them with America First leaders.

The fact that there are so few Republicans speaking out against Ryan and McConnell is evidence enough they are sympatico with leadership – and not with Trump… or you.

The Trump card the president holds is the coming funding bill.  We’ve seen Trump run the stop and go route in the past just prior to making bold decisions.

But, even if President Trump decides this isn’t the right time – right before Christmas – to shut it down, what intelligent person would abandon him at this time?  To whom will they be turning to protect their interests better than Trump has?

The opposition to President Trump is fierce because he is deconstructing decades of economic manipulation and control over our lives by entrenched interests – multinational banks, multinational corporations and their minions controlling the levers of power in Washington.

This is the fight for America’s soul that we asked Trump to fight for when we voted for him.  It’s time to buck up and do your part.  Now is no time to go wobbly.

With trillions of dollars at stake this is a far more consequential fight than simply a battle for a measly $5B for to fund a wall that would represent a third of 1% of the proposed spending bill.

Understand what is happening.  Trump is restoring our once vibrant mainstreet economy that made the United States the envy of the world.  Employment has reached record levels, wages are rising, manufacturing is stronger than it has been in decades, and yet the stock market has pulled back by 10%.

Why is this?  How can this be?

It’s because success on mainstreet necessarily comes at the expense of multinational corporate profits.  Profits are lost not only to competition for sales but to competition for workers, raw materials, pricing, and from innovation.

That leaves those relying on the stock market as a measure of economic vitality relying on the strength of the same corporations they rail against because of their greed.  Huh?

Full Spectrum: “The Main Street-Wall Street demarcation has been fortuitously blurred, all to Wall Street’s benefit. Recall the mass migration over the last few decades from defined pension plans to self-directed IRAs and 401ks. This was Wall Street impregnating Main Street with Wall Street’s sweatless ethics. Main Street is very much ‘in the market’. Trumponomics desperately needs a tutorial to the American people explaining the rockiness of the transition and all that’s at stake.”

Get it?

For Washington’s multinational elites, this is about ending the Trump presidency before, like China, they are brought to heel, and Americans realize that greatness can be restored.