The Twenty-Fifth Amendment Ship Has Sailed. Somebody Tell The Marxists That Trump Outsmarted Them… Again

Elder Patriot – It’s been obvious for some time now that the criminal elements that drive the America left, aka the “Establishment,” have stopped at nothing to end Donald Trump’s presidency before he ends their reign of terror over the American people.

They’ve engaged in electoral and election fraud. 

Their co-conspirators in the media have conducted skewed polling to support their lunatic attempts to get Hillary elected if for no other reason than Trump was unfit to be president and wouldn’t know how to handle the delicate “nuances” that the office requires.  Hillary’s history of failure was repackaged during the campaign and labeled “extensive experience.”

After the election they attempted a recount to overturn the Trump’s election.  Having failed that they tried to foment an Electoral College coup that resulted in Hillary losing by an even wider margin.

Their Supreme Leader, Comrade Barack Obama, even weaponized the FBI and our other intelligence agencies in an attempt to use their credibility to destroy the nascent Trump presidency using a trumped up charge of treason.

After a year of sniffing around inside Trump’s underwear they found nothing.

You’d think they’d give up and accept their fate but nooooo.

They still have the Twenty-Fifth Amendment that allows for the removal of the president based on the loss of mental faculties, to fall back on before they resort to assassination.

The release of Fire and Fury, written by a left-wing hack posing as a legitimate author, who has a history of misquoting people, is part of the effort to paint a picture of a president who is out of control.

Michael Wolff’s highly fictionalized account of events in the early days of Trump’s presidency is the latest evidence that proving mental incompetence is their latest plan.  The mainstream media led by Joe Scarborough at MSNBC and the virtually the entire CNN 24-hour crew have been skewering the president for many weeks claiming he is mentally unfit to hold office.

As with every one of their other plans to remove Trump, this is destined to backfire in a big way. 

The attempts to prove Trump colluded in some way with Russia has resulted in five separate investigations into Clinton that, once the facts emerge, will spread like wildfire ensnaring hundreds of members of the swamp.

Already, it appears that information coming to us about Wolff’s main source, Steve Bannon, is about to slap the left in the face again. 

Bannon’s new sugar daddy is Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok, aka Guo Wengui.

It’s important to know that Kwok-Guo is wanted in China on corruption charges. 

Then there’s this to consider.  Last year Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled to Davos to meet with the economic leaders espousing economic globalization in an effort to curry favor with them and replace America as the economic centerpiece of their movement.

Xi met with resistance because his country has been closing off its markets, restricting outbound capital flows, and delinking from the world.

Even more importantly, Xi went to Davos begging for foreign investment. His country is strapped for cash.  And China’s cash position has been made worse by, so-far unsubstantiated, allegations of corruption against Wang Qishan by Kwok-Guo.

Wang Qishan is the head of China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, which has spearheaded the Communist Party’s anti-graft campaign. 

Something is afoot considering that Kwok-Guo has spent the last few months at Mar-a-Lago.  One would assume that if Xi asked Trump to hand over Kwok-Guo the extradition papers would be expedited quickly.

Perhaps Bannon has lost his mind as Trump charged, or perhaps, just perhaps, Trump and Bannon are distancing themselves from each other, while they build a larger case of a conspiracy between Xi and Qishan.  This would not be the first time Trump has employed this tactic.

Regardless, the Establishment will be losers again.  Why?  Because Trump is smarter than they are.

All you need to know about his critics’ lack of intelligence was spelled out by Rush Limbaugh in his opening monologue on Friday.

Speaking of Trump’s opponents Rush said:

“They have been so cloistered together from the time they met, to the time they went to university, to the time they came out of university and went into government, went into politics, whatever they went into. They went into lobbying. They went into K Street. There’s one kind of way to behave. There’s one kind of way to think. There’s one worldview to have, and anything outside it is not even worth considering, except when anything outside it triumphs and dominates, then it’s panic time.

“And now we start talking about, “Well, this president’s insane. Uh, this president is unfit! Uh, uh, this president is dangerous. He shouldn’t be around buttons that lead to weapons and bombs. Uh, uh, this president, 25th Amendment.”

“Let me give you a side-by-side, A-B comparison to give you an idea of what I mean. One president breaks laws to get billions of dollars flown illegally, pallets of cash into the hands of the people who run the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, and they export it. And this president does everything he can to get them hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. This same country to whom we gave this cash is committed to creating a nuclear arsenal delivered by ICBMs, all of which are known to be under development because this president enabled them to move forward on their research.

“The other president is working to stop all of this. The other president is working to unwind this insane deal and do what he can to prevent this state sponsor of terrorism from getting nuclear weapons. Now, who’s the smart one and who’s the dumb one? Is what Barack Hussein Obama did smart? No! It’s stupid! It’s dangerous, and it’s idiotic.”

“One president went out there and literally seized one-sixth of the U.S. economy and lied to the American people in doing it. He promised the American people that if we would just entrust our health care to him, somebody who doesn’t know anything about it beyond being a theoretician in the academic lounge. Somebody who’s never run a hospital, who’s never talked to anybody who’s run a hospital, who’s never had the slightest interest in running a hospital took over one-sixth of the U.S. economy along with the rest of his party, lied to the American people to do it, claiming that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you like your insurance plan, you can keep that.

“None of that was true. The American people were lied to 21 times on this alone. One-sixth of the American economy seized by the federal government, and the whole thing, Obamacare, led to an implosion of the American health care system, which was by design. Because this president wanted it to implode so the government could take over all of it. The other president is doing everything he can to unwind that and deregulate as much of the Obama health care takeover as he can.

“Who’s the smart one, who’s the dumb one? Who’s the dangerous one, who’s the sane one? Who’s the man with whom we are in better hands here?”

“One president slow-walks and handcuffs the military with stupid, dangerous rules of engagement preventing our military from defending themselves or acting aggressively and firing on bad guys. This allows ISIS to grow and expand while we sit around and do nothing about it

“ISIS, a brutally inhumane, militaristic gang which one president said, “We’re doing everything we can. There’s not much we can do. Get used to it. They’re here.” Destabilizing the Middle East, destabilizing a victory in Iraq, leading to terror attacks around the world. The other president has systematically wiped out this organization in under a year. Who is the smart one and who’s the stupid one? Who’s the dangerous one and with whom are we in safer hands?”

“One president spies on his political opponents. One president knowingly takes opposition research from the presidential candidate of his party, knowingly allows it to be used as legitimate intelligence, when it’s lies and made-up BS, allows his Justice Department to get a FISA warrant to surveil and spy on the presidential candidate of the opposite party. The other president, in the midst of an entire effort by all of Washington to destroy him with this phony dossier, exposes this.

“Who is it that’s unraveling? Was it the Obama team? Was it the Hillary team? Was it the Democrat Party? Is it the Washington establishment unraveling, or is it Donald Trump perhaps getting rid of the filth and the dirt and giving this country a working chance again?”

“One president micromanages the economy into the ground and tells the American people that our better days are behind us.

“His replacement liberates the economy, unleashes the United States economy to the point in under a year it is growing at twice the rate it ever grew under Barack Obama.

“And yet we’re told Obama’s brilliant, he’s so smart, we can’t even stay in the same room with him. He’s so brilliant, we can’t keep up with the guy. He’s so brilliant, all we can do is bow at his feet and try not to be blinded by the light reflecting off him. Donald Trump is silly. He’s insane. He’s obsessed. His unfit. We need psychiatrists examining him. We need the 25th Amendment.

“Who’s the nutcase, who’s the dangerous one, and who is, in under a year, unraveling all of the mistakes borne of the either poor ideology or just blatant stupidity of the previous administration?” 

Rush didn’t limit his criticism to Democrats either.  He offered a few choice words for the Never-Trump crowd in the Republican Party and in Washington’s think tanks:

“Many of the so-called conservative egghead intellectuals are witnessing things that all they’ve ever done is talk about.  They get together in the editors room, they get together in the faculty lounge, they get together at the club, they get together on Twitter — wherever they go — and they theorize back and forth, and they rip to shreds anybody that doesn’t get them.  But that’s all they do is theorize.

“They ask people to donate money so they can continue to theorize.  When it comes to implementing anything, don’t look to them.  They don’t think it’s possible.  All good things remain theoretical, “Because liberalism dominates, Rush, and there’s no way we’re ever gonna beat it back.  We just have to find our way in it and try to live the best we can.”  Somebody comes along and doesn’t like the status quo and starts working overtime to banish, to repair, to fix — and abject panic sets in!

“And then when this new arrival actually begins to succeed, why, real panic sets in! “This cannot be allowed.  We cannot permit what we theorized to actually happen when we aren’t responsible for it.  This guy’s gotta be stopped.  This guy’s… (stammering) He’s not fit to be implementing our ideas.  This guy’s insane.  This guy’s stupid.  This guy’s a moron.  This guy’s a child.” This guy is the only guy that’s gotten anything done in I don’t know how many years you want to count.  So who’s smart, who is that moronic, who’s dangerous, who poses threats, who’s worth it, and who’s worthless?”

The intellectual elites will fail to in their effort to outsmart Trump and have him removed for lacking the mental capacity to continue in office.  They have to realize that ship has sailed.  Should they even attempt to do that the American people would hunt them down in the streets and string them up from the lamps posts.