Tweets of The Day

Elder Patriot – From US News:

IN JANUARY OF 1963, following his election as Governor of Alabama, Democrat George Wallace famously stated in his inaugural address: “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

In what historians often refer to as the “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door,” the governor literally stood in the doorway as federal authorities tried to allow the [newly admitted black] students to enter [the University of Alabama.]

Does this mean that Wallace has been vindicated?  If he has what did Martin Luther King accomplish?

Truman’s words are salient today following a Bloomberg News report that Donald Trump’s net worth is down $900 million since he took office.  Compare that to Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama huge financial windfalls since leaving office.

Remember all those lying Democrats warning us that Trump was only in it for the money?

It’s hard to see why Democrats continue following Pelosi’s lead. Do they really think that they can win elections by promising to raise taxes and strip people of their jobs? Maybe they have become convinced that enough rage and hatred will overcome the other two losing agenda items.

Sebastian Gorka is asking the same thing:

And finally:


I’ll say nothing more about this one until the indictments are opened.