Tucker Carlson Exposes Shallow Arguments From V.P. of Planned Parenthood

ELDER PATRIOT – There’s a reason Tucker Carlson has doubled Megyn Kelly’s already huge audience in the short time since he’s replaced her, he asks insightful questions and keeps hounding his guests for answers to those questions.  He has proven himself to be prepared to engage his guests on every intellectual level no matter how deep.

Guests get plenty of time to speak but Carlson refuses to let them off when they resort to repeating their talking points over and over again.

Watch Carlson try to get a simple answer from Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens to his question asking her to define what that mass with the beating heart is inside of a pregnant woman after five and a half weeks.

Leguens was free to define it in any way that she liked but she refused returning instead to her talking points about a woman’s choice.

Leguens repeated herself numerous times with the tired refrain that, “First and foremost Planned Parenthood believes in the wisdom and power of the individual to decide what care is right for them and what doctor they should go to.  No one is going to bully, threaten, or bribe Planned Parenthood to not have that view.”

Carlson: What is being aborted?  If you can hear a heartbeat what is that thing that is being aborted?  How do you feel about that?

Leguens: “Well abortion is a right in this country.  Women have their own views on whether or not they want to be pregnant…  What you would do is make your own choice.”

Is she serious?  Women in emotional turmoil are free to determine whether her child lives or dies? 

That brings us to the next question, why are pregnant women protected by Planned Parenthood in ways the rest of us aren’t under Obamacare?  We have been bullied, threatened and bribed and have lost our choice of doctors because of Obamacare.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Healthcare is the treatment of injury or disease not the disposal of human life for contraceptive purposes.  Whatever abortion is, it isn’t healthcare even if the eugenicists at Planned Parenthood insist on calling it that in order to defend their reliance on taxpayers to fund it.

Carlson ended the interview by saying “That was a uniquely shallow conversation Dawn.  Thanks for joining us anyway.”