Trump’s Words of Comfort to Grieving Brother of Slain Police Officer Caught on Hot Mic Tell A Yuuge Story

Elder Patriot – Perhaps the most heart-wrenching event to occur this Christmas season was the shooting death of police officer Ronil Singh by an illegal alien.

Cpl. Singh was himself an immigrant, one who waited his turn to legally enter our country, worked to earn his citizenship, and then fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become a law enforcement officer.

The mainstream media largely chose to ignore this story because it threatened to destroy the narrative of the president’s political opponents who claim President Trump is a xenophobic racist who hates brown people.

Make your own decision on that.

Here’s a picture of Cpl. Singh and his family from Christmas morning shortly before he was senselessly gunned down by an illegal alien following a traffic stop for DUI:

Ronil was a Dreamer just as assuredly, if not many times moreso, as the so-called Dreamers who illegally crashed our southern border to get here.

President Trump traveled to the U.S. -Mexico border to make a first-hand assessment of the crisis conditions that exist there.  He was joined by Reggie Singh, Ronil’s brother.

At a press conference afterwards, President Trump offered the microphone to Reggie to offer what words he felt like expressing.

The pain Reggie was feeling over the loss of his brother and personal hero was etched in his face and made speaking difficult for the younger Singh.

That’s when President Trump leaned in to Reggie and offered his own words of comfort: (prompt to the 1:17 mark)

Reggie Singh: Ronil Singh was cremated and I had to pick up his remains.  It breaks my heart and no one should ever have to go through that.

Looking at that five-month old baby looking for his dad, no one should ever have to go through that on Christmas Day.

That’s when President Trump leaned in to let Reggie know:

We’re with you, you know that, right?

Trump’s opponents simply can’t go here because it proves not that the president is a xenophobic racist, but that his political opponents – Demonrats and RINO’s – more represent the interests of foreign lawbreakers than they do American citizens of every color.

Wait for it; here you have it: