Trump’s Threat to Appoint a Special Prosecutor Leaves MSM in Panic Defense of Elites’ Corruption

ELDER PATRIOT – The highly paid pundits of the mainstream media, whose primary responsibility is to defend the politicians put in place by the global elites, became irrational during last night’s debate after Donald Trump said he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged illegal activities if he were to be elected.

“That’s the action of a third world dictator!  We don’t jail our political opponents in this country,” they responded in unison indicative of their longstanding practice of using talking points given to them by the Democratic National Committee or directly from the Clinton campaign ahead of time.   

What they were really telling us is the same laws that apply to everyone else don’t apply to the elites or the politicians that represent them and that they are willing to make any argument no matter how illogical, or destroy the character of any person who dares to challenge them.

This is why during two debates the puppeteers’ focus has been on Donald Trump’s tawdry but un-indictable statements rather than the multiple felonies that Hillary Clinton has been partner to. 

With his promise to appoint a special prosecutor Trump changed that dynamic last night and that, more than any policy proposal, gave voice to the vast majority of Americans who have been saddled with $20 trillion in debt while Hillary Clinton and her billionaire donors have grown richer than they could’ve ever dreamed.

And the proof that Trump’s bold defiance of the elite’s scored a direct broadside came from renowned pollster Frank Luntz’ focus group:


People watching the debate know what they saw and felt.  No amount of spin is going to change that.