Trump Exacts Perfect Revenge After Feinstein Turns Kavanuagh Hearing Into Witch Hunting Circus, 9th Circuit To Be Remade In Trump’s Image

Dianne Feinstein who savagely attacked President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with completely unsubstantiated charges of sexual impropriety now wants to play the victim as the president has decided to ignore the courtesy of extending blue slips to the California senator.

Good faith?  Please, we all saw how Feinstein disposed of any and all decency when she plotted to defame Kavanaugh before a national TV audience when the allegations against him could’ve been investigated privately a month and a half earlier.

Had Feinstein brought the letter containing the allegations forth when she fist received it, she would’ve also protected the confidentiality that accuser Christine Ford had requested.

Instead, Feinstein turned the entire sordid affair into a national disgrace solely in the hopes of registering some perceived political gain.

The ploy backfired immensely leading to a surge in Republican support heading into the midterms.  But, for the corrupt senator, it has gotten worse.

Now Feinstein is crying that Trump is going to ignore her blue slip privileges in a press release from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Blue slips refer to the practice of honoring a home state senator’s decision to disqualify a judicial nominee based on his or her say so.  They are not binding however.

I have it from a connected source that Feinstein had reached a deal with President Trump on a three-judge package months ago.  Feinstein was willing to forego blue slips on two of Trump’s nominees to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, if he agreed to a radical left wing judge of her choosing.

Now, after watching Feinstein destroy the character of Brett Kavanaugh without even a hint of conscience for the damage she was doing to a good man and his family, Trump is banking on Senate Republicans to side with him and ignore Feinstein’s blue slips.

The president has decided that Senator Feinstein, who has also been a prominent player in the corrupt attempt by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to implicate him in a fraudulent charge of colluding with the Russians to win election, will receive no further courtesies from him as he seeks to reshape the court with judges who apply the law and don’t rewrite it when the whim hits them.