Trump’s Resolve Destroys Democrat’s Hissy Fit. Approval Rating Tops 55%

ELDER PATRIOT – One of America’s most respected pollsters, Scott Rasmussen has been tracking presidential approval ratings for many years and the latest daily tracking poll released earlier today finds President Trump popularity continuing to climb with a 55% approval rating.

This can only be attributed to Trump’s resolute stand in defense of his campaign promises in the face of the most withering orchestrated series of attacks this political observer has even seen. 

From George Soros funded and organized street rioting to Senate Democrats’ unprecedented obstruction that denied Trump his advisory team and that has saddled him with deeply rooted Obama loyalists everywhere throughout the government intent on destroying his presidency, to the most biased media assault ever seen in this country, Trump has remained true to his principles standing like a boulder and the American people are showing their admiration and appreciation.

The day that Americans went to the polls to elect Trump only 30% of us thought the country was on the right track.  Less than four weeks into his presidency, and in the face of a tsunami of attacks on his mental stability, his integrity, and his policies, Rasmussen found that 45% of Americans woke up this morning convinced the country is now on the right track.

That’s fairly incredible in light of the fact that voters never gave Obama such a high rating during eight years during which the media refused to criticize anything about him or his policies.  In fact, they consistently sugarcoated his failures and made excuses for the country’s poor performance.

America has been searching for an alpha male to take their country back from the establishment elites.  We have found him.

Hopefully, his political opponents see this and recognize that it’s time to engage Trump in a responsible manner or he will steamroll them.  Either way, Americans will be the winners.