Trump’s Milestone Week: Seismic Reshaping of Global Alliances Taking Place Making America Stronger – Dems Ramp Up For Impeachment

The contrast is astonishing.  President Trump is succeeding at reversing the managed decline of America that his political opponents readily accepted under Barack Obama.  Those opponents, Democrats, and some Republicans, want to impeach him.

This past week has brought enormous victories across the globe for Trump’s revolutionary restructuring of America’s geopolitical alliances that are intended to minimize the control our adversaries – China, the European Union, and the financial elite – have over our economic and foreign policy decisions.  

Yet, Democrats, and some Republicans, are ramping their impeachment rhetoric.

The president began laying the foundation for this historic week before he was even sworn into office.  Then president-elect Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in mid-November 2016.  

After his inauguration, in June of 2017 President Trump hosted a successful meeting with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.  It was so successful that Modi rejected Trump’s hand when he extended it and gave him a bear hug him instead.

For those paying attention it has become clear that President Trump had already begun restructuring our Indo-Pacific trade alliances in the event China rejected a reset that would result in a fair and open trade relationship.

Later in 2017, the president went on a marathon 10-day tour, meeting face-to-face with the other manufacturing heavyweights of Southeast Asia lining up manufacturing alternatives to China preparing for the anticipated intransigence from China:

At every single stop he broadcast the intent of the visit: “We’re talking TRADE”!

Despite the fact that the President Trump was broadcasting his intentions, the media pundits either deliberately ignored the strategic reset that the president was effecting, or were too blinded by their hatred of the president to acknowledge that he actually had a plan at all.   

Trump was signaling to the world that China would soon be forced to acknowledge that manufacturing facilities and cheap labor are available across the Pacific Rim.  The American consumer can only be found in the United States.

The ruling Communist Party, aided by our political class and the media, had apparently decided to play out the string waiting for impeachment.  Reference John Kerry and Iran.  

Was high-ranking Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s employment of a Chinese spy similarly used as a channel to send the same message to China?

At the same time President Trump was preparing for expanded trade with old, more reliable partners, he was also advancing policies necessary to create the conditions for America’s economic revitalization.  

By late 2017 the president’s tax cut and jobs revitalization passed Congress.  Americans responded bigly, delivering the most robust economy in the free world.

The economic conditions of everyday Americans began improving and the president’s plan to neuter Communist China’s growing dominance and hegemony was taking root.

Still Democrats, and some Republicans, wouldn’t stop talking about impeaching him.

Then this past week a global revolution of seismic proportions took place.

First, India’s PM Modi won re-election in a landslide victory with his party expanding its majority in its congress.

His re-election reinforces a global trend of right-wing populists sweeping to victory, from the United States to Brazil and Italy, often after adopting harsh positions on protectionism, immigration and defence.

Next, massive gains were made by nationalists in the European Union Parliament elections.

Trump ally, Nigel Farage, announced the formation of the Brexit Party only six weeks before the elections were to take place.  Still, they gained as many seats as the next four parties combined:

Astonishingly, the two major parties, Labour and Conservatives, were completely repudiated, together totaling less than half of the Brexiteers.

These results were repeated across the continent as just under 51% of eligible voters across the 28 member states cast their ballots, compared with fewer than 43% in 2014.

    • Germany: The leftists suffered huge losses shattering their ruling coalition. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats dropped from 35% of the vote in 2014 to 28%, while the Social Democratic Union fell from 27% to 15.5%.
  • France: Populist leader Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National (24%) triumphed over sitting French president, globalist Emmanuel Macron (22.5%).
  • Greece: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for an early election after the opposition conservative New Democracy party won 33.5% of the votes to 20% for his Syriza party.
  • Hungary: Viktor Orban’s anti-immigration Fidesz party took 52% of the vote and 13 of the country’s 21 seats.
  • Italy: Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration, nationalist party captured a resounding 34.33% of the vote, beating expectations and cemented its position as Italy’s biggest party.

Mattia Diletti, a politics professor at Rome’s Sapienza University, said Italy had delivered the “most Trumpian” result in Europe. “I knew the League would win, but not by this much, we are now a province of Trumpism,” he said. “Italians were asking for strong feelings and emotion, to feel pride again, and like [Donald] Trump, that’s what Salvini gave.”

Finally, this weekend, President Trump Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference where they announced their united positions on a number of issues, most importantly trade and North Korea: (watch)

“Going forward we will Walk hand in hand and promote the cooperation for the realization of this common vision of our two nations.” – Shinzo Abe

From 1980 (The Carter presidency):

Trump: “I think that America is a country that has tremendous, tremendous potential.  I think that, much like the mind, I think that America is using very little of its potential.

“I feel that this country, with the proper leadership… it should really be a country that gets the respect of other countries…

“… When you get the respect of other countries then the other countries tend to do a little bit as you do and you can create the right attitudes…”

One man could turn this country around.  The one proper president could turn this country around.  I firmly believe that.”

And still, the calls for impeachment grow…

Something about those entrenched interests…

Imagine, the face of the Progressive movement is now expected to be a tired career politician who will be 78 years old shortly after the 2020 presidential election is decided.  

Yeah, something about those entrenched interests…