Trump’s Little Pin Makes Yuuuge Statemen

ELDER PATRIOT – “Before the 1908 Summer Olympics could even kick off, controversy embroiled the London games when a subtle act of defiance was committed on a world stage.

“During the opening ceremony of the games, representatives of each country entered White City Stadium in procession and flag bearers from all nations lowered their banners when passing the royal box.

“The gesture was done as a sign of respect toward King Edward VII and their host nation, the United Kingdom.

“As the American procession passed the royal box, flag bearer Ralph Rose refused to drop the American Flag.”

It has been said that Rose acted at the behest of Irish-American Olympian Martin Sheridan, the captain of the US Olympic Team that year.

“Famously, Sheridan is said to have quipped that “this flag dips to no Earthly king.”

“The act of defiance was believed to be equal parts American patriotism and Irish rebel spirit.” – 105.7 The Hawk

Since 1908 when Gold-medalist Ralph Rose refused to dip the flag, Americans have refused displaying deference to any other country or group of countries.

Even in 1936, or perhaps I should say especially in 1936 when the American contingent deliberately snubbed Adoph Hitler by shielding their hearts with their hats the flag has never dipped.

By now it should be obvious that President Trump shares that same rebellious spirit when it comes to showing his patriotism for America – a nation blessed by divine providence.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that President Trump insisted on wearing his American flag lapel pin while every other G-20 attendee bowed to the NWO and wore an “official” G-20 pin.

Obama used to love events like this where he could openly display his allegiance to everyone else other than America and the American people.  Otherwise he refused to ever wear an American flag lapel pin.

Trump has used his time at this gathering of the “elite” to re-establish American leadership and American pride.  He wasn’t about to figuratively “dip the flag” by replacing it with any lapel pin other than the American flag!!!

In ways big and small, Trump is restoring America’s greatness.