Trumpism to Reign in 2017! Video: Nigel Farage Lays a Truth Bomb on Europe’s Elites

ELDER PATRIOT – Nigel Farage has been sounding the alarm about the financial, societal and cultural decay that is evident everywhere across the European continent that has been the disastrous result of the EU’s immigration policy.

Donald Trump has witnessed the devastation of the character of one European nation after the other for himself and resolved he would not let that happen to the country he loves.  So Trump put his money where his mouth is and largely self-funded his ascendancy to the presidency.   

In the video below, Nigel Farage drops a truth bomb on the European Parliament.  This message would be just as appropriate had he delivered it before a joint session of the U.S. Congress and Senate following their intentional stalemating of President Trump’s Executive Order enforcing existing immigration law.

“I feel like I’m attending a meeting of a religious sect here this morning!  It’s as if the global revolution of 2016 – Brexit, Trump, the Italian rejection in the referendum – has completely bypassed you that you can’t face up to the fact that this bandwagon is going to roll across Europe in these elections in 2017.

“A lot of citizens now recognize this form a centralized government simply doesn’t work.  Whether it’s the miseries inflicted upon a country like Greece for the euro, the unemployment caused by bad regulation or, the feeling that none of us are safe in our cities because of the disastrous common asylum policy.”


“The people want less Europe!  We see this again and again when people have referendums and they reject aspects of EU membership but something more fundamental is going on out there.”


“Last week Chatham House, the reputable group, published a massive survey from ten European member states and only twenty percent of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue. 

“Just twenty percent want to keep on allowing people in from Muslim countries which means your voters have a harder line position on this than Donald Trump or myself or frankly any party sitting in this Parliament and that is where we’re going.  I simply cannot believe that you’re blind to the fact that even Mrs. Merkel has now made a u-turn and wants to send people back!”

Farage could just as well have been speaking about the American voters who elected, in a landslide, a political outsider who was overwhelmingly outspent by an opponent who had already been coronated because he made this issue central to his campaign from its very beginning.

Elites are elites wherever they may be.  Whether they lord over the European Union or they lord over us from their perches in Washington.  They must be brought to heel.

Count on Trump to do exactly that.