Trump Wins! Obama Abandons Push For Amnesty.

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama always goes abroad when he wants to criticize America and lecture the world.  Well, while he was gone and busy trash-mouthing Trump’s supporters and kissing up to Germany’s Angela Merkel he was caving into Trump’s demands here at home.

Obama has ordered his administration to abandon their push to grant amnesty to aliens who have entered our country illegally. 

The outgoing president grudgingly came to this decision and ordered the DOJ to file documents with a federal judge in Texas that asked for the case to be suspended until new management – as in Trump’s administration – takes over.

A joint request by the Justice Department and Texas state attorneys suggested to Judge Andrew S. Hanen:

“Accordingly, the parties respectfully submit that further proceedings on the merits of this case, including the submission of a schedule for resolving the merits, should be stayed until February 20, 2017.”

“Given the change in Administration, the parties jointly submit that a brief stay of any further litigation in this Court before beginning any further proceedings would serve judicial efficiency and economy so that the parties have a better understanding of how they might choose to move forward.”

Less than two weeks since being elected, and more than two months removed from being sworn in as our nations 45th president, the disarray of Donald Trump’s transition is on full display.


It’s beginning to look like even Trump’s most strident supporters better buckle up.  He’s moving at the speed of light in his effort to become a truly transformative president.