Trump Warns Alexander Vindman: “Well You’ll be Seeing Very Soon What Comes Out”

No one knows better than President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, what qualifies as criminal violations under the RICO statute.  

We also know that Rudy has spent months investigating Ukraine’s relationship with the Obama administration in order to build the defense of his client.

It’s foolish to think that Rudy has shared some of what he discovered with various talk show hosts and through his Twitter account but that he hasn’t shared the entirety of it with President Trump.

Rudy is leaving it to President Trump to drop the hammer on his accusers at the appropriate time but there are significant inferences within his Twitter feed to suggest the president’s warning to a reporter asking about Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman’s testimony is worthy of serious consideration. 

Kelly O’Donnell asked the president whether he regrets calling Vindman a “Never Trumper.” 

Trump: “Well you’ll be seeing very soon what comes out and then you can ask the question in a different way.”

Here are a few of Giuliani’s warnings that came before Trump’s ominous remarks on Saturday:

And, the collusion wasn’t limited to the Bidens.

It appears Rudy is suggesting that there is evidence of a much broader corruption scheme in conjunction with corrupt elements within the Ukrainian government that totaled in the billions of dollars.

And then this veiled reference about Alexander Vindman:

“ANOTHER SCHIFFTY BACKFIRE: A US gov. employee who has reportedly been advising two gov’s?”

How can Vindman be advising two governments at the same time?  It sounds more like Vindman was trying to navigate the waters of corruption in the defense of Deep State Obama loyalists.

The beauty of Trump being a counter puncher is the longer he holds back the more members of the swamp incriminate themselves and others. 

Food for thought:  Why is an anonymous whistleblower with admittedly second-hand information being hailed by the media, while one of America’s most renowned crime fighters is being trashed as a liar?

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