Trump: A Vibrant Steel Industry is Vital to National Security – The Nefarious Reason Why Globalists Won’t Acknowledge This

Elder Patriot – Reuters broke an alarming story yesterday that highlighted just how prescient President Trump’s staunch defense of our steel and aluminum industries is. 

In fact, after reading the story one is forced to ask themselves how anyone who opposes Trump’s proposed tariffs to protect critical infrastructure elements like steel and aluminum can call themselves patriots.

Reuters reported that the CEO of Japan’s third-biggest steelmaker was stepping down as a result of revelations that:

Kobe Steel, which supplies steel parts to manufacturers of cars, planes and trains around the world, admitted last year to supplying products with falsified specifications to about 500 customers.

The story may have been about Japan but it raises the question as to why we’d ever allow any materials so critical to our infrastructure to be outsourced to any foreign nation where oversight is limited and the potential for deliberately degrading the final product exists.

What if our enemies deliberately manufactured the steel used for military-grade projects to inferior specifications as a method of weakening our defense systems?  China has used their nearly five hundred billion dollar annual trade surplus with us, not to feed their poor, but to build their military to challenge us with.

Why would any American leader ever have agreed to count on the communist nation to manufacture our critical metals knowing the potential China also held for sabotaging the products we import from them? 

Remember the rash of pet food poisonings that resulted from imported Chinese dog and cat treats?  Was that simply a mistake or was China probing our sense of self-defense?

Why are America’s globalist defenders so adamant in opposing President Trump’s necessary steps to defend key elements of our national security unless it is their goal to see America weakened on purpose?

Why have Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan been opposing Trump on imposing tariffs necessary to protect our domestic steel producers? 

Trump stands alone for America.