Trump Uses USPS to Target Amazon: Demands End of Corporate Welfare – Liberal Hypocrites in Stunned Silence

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s disfavor for Amazon has led to what some have called a yearlong verbal assault against the online retail mega-giant.  To date that is all it has been, a verbal assault.  Now, there are indications that is about to change.

Trump’s animus is based on two fronts.  The online retailer is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns the Washington Post that has had as many as 20 articles in the same day bashing the president.  And, that the Post Office is hemorrhaging massive amounts of money largely because, under Obama, it agreed to subsidize Amazon’s deliveries.

According to a report by Fox News:

“The United States Postal Service violated federal law by letting employees do union-funded work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates while on leave from the agency, according to an Office of Special Counsel report obtained by Fox News.

“The OSC determined the USPS “engaged in systemic violations” of the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees. While employees are allowed to do some political work on leave, the report said the Postal Service showed a “bias” favoring the union’s 2016 campaign operation.”

The fact that the candidate was Hillary Clinton who has insisted on running a counter campaign against President Trump to this day might add a little extra fuel to the president’s angst but at the end of the day Trump appears to be focused on how all of the government corruption he inherited is screwing the American taxpayer.

At the heart of that screw job is the preferential treatment given to a powerful propagandist who is almost single-handedly destroying the bricks and mortar retail sector and openly funding the opposition to the president’s immigration policy.

Some people may view the tweet he sent on Friday as the opening salvo in Trump’s 2018 assault on Amazon:

It’s not the opening salvo.  It was just the latest salvo Trump has fired at the Internet behemoth.

Back in August the president tweeted this:

It was not so long ago that liberals were blocking retailers like Walmart from building in their towns because of the retail giant’s effect on smaller retailers.  Now that opposition appears to have been based more on the Mid-Western values embodied by the company’s management than on the potential jobs that were expected be lost.

Trump identified part of the problem underpinning Amazon’s meteoric growth in December of 2015:

In a move to protect the American consumer and United States manufacturers, President Trump signaled his intentions in October when he appointed Joseph Simons to be the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

Simons previously served as the head of the FTC’s competition bureau, which investigates mergers and anticompetitive conduct, from 2001 to 2003.  While there he established a reputation as somewhat of a trustbuster in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt. 

Since Simons’ appointment huge deals such as AT&T’s proposal to acquire Time Warner have received full-scale challenges from the Justice Department.

When the White House was pressed on this issue they released a statement that acknowledged the tech industry was “one of the crown jewels in the American economy.  Nonetheless the stability of the rule of law equally to all is also a critical component to economic prosperity.”  The spokesperson then added, “Violations of the law will be enforced.” 

It doesn’t take an especially good memory to remember when we were given the reason that some “companies were too big to fail” to justify spending $3 trillion dollars to bail them out, as well as the passage of Dodd-Frank that forever changed the lending practices of small community investment banks and that led to their disappearance.

Trump has indicated that he intends to put an end to corporate cronyism and the government’s tendency of resorting to using the tax code to blackmail corporations to meet political objectives.  This is perhaps the greatest threat to the Washington establishment and the entrenched K Street lobbyists.

Trump has withstood everything they have thrown at him.  In 2018 expect him to turn the gun on them.