Trump Should Use Democrats’ Call For Flynn Investigation to Drain the Swamp

ELDER PATRIOT – If President Trump has nothing to hide he should use the hysteria accusing him, and others within in his administration, of being Russian agents to call for a much broader investigation into not only Russian influence over the election and various government agencies, but whether other countries are guilty of the same thing or worse.

An expansive review of every aspect of our government is long overdue.  Only an ostrich would contend that the majority of agencies act in the public interest most of the time.

Perhaps an audit of our voting system and the machines we use to tally the votes would uphold the Democrats’ assertions that voter and election fraud really is not an issue.  Only a proper audit would reveal the extent of voter suppression the Democrats’ accuse their opponents of so that corrective action can be taken and punishments meted out.

Lets ask our congressman and senators why they have taken no steps to limit immigration from terrorist hotbeds.  Let them answer why they direct hundreds of billions of dollars to the same Muslim states that foment the spread of terrorism.  Maybe someone can explain why they have done nothing to stop the Middle East’s emerging hegemonic power from developing its nuclear capabilities, instead choosing to send them $150 billion to that country with the knowledge that it will be funneled directly to the terror groups they pretend to fight.

Read that last paragraph again.  The narrative surrounding the Russian threat to America’s stability is nothing compared to the growing Islamic influence in congress and the senate.  Islamic agents and sympathizers are spread throughout every important agency in our government, not the Russians. 

Why hasn’t the Saudis involvement in 9/11 ever been adequately explained?  Could you imagine if Russia has been involved in even the most minor way with San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, etc., etc?

The Russian threat has been blown totally out of proportion to use like a magician’s slight of hand distracting us from the real enemy within.

The Democrats opened the door into investigating the extent of foreign influence in and on our government.  Let’s get on with it then!

The Democrats accused the Russians of hacking our election.  Perhaps the current crop of congressman and senators find it beyond they ability to oversee a broader investigation into every aspect of our voting system, but the Obama administration designated it a part of our nation’s critical infrastructure and I’m sure it’s not too much for Jeff Sessions to tackle.  Let’s get on it with it then!

The call for an investigation into General Flynn opens the door for President Trump to drain the swamp.  Let’s get on with it then!!!!