Trump Tweets GM: Build Here or Suffer the Consequences

ELDER PARIOT – Last October 1st we noted that, “It’s past time that Americans realize that they’ve been played the fool by establishment politicians who answer only to the global elite.” 

In the article we noted how President Obama lent General Motors $50 billion from the TARP funds.  The MSEM floated the story that the money had been repaid in full but we reported that the truth is “In 2014 the U.S. government admitted to losing $11.2 billion on the deal.” 

Furthermore we reported that, GM is investing $11 billion in new manufacturing plants in…China.  That investment will create 6,000 new jobs.”

Now the MSEM cannot hide the truth any longer because Donald Trump blasted GM’s relocation plans a little over an hour ago.

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Trump is pledging to protect the 6,000 union jobs that Obama wouldn’t.  It is stories like this one that have been repeated across the Midwest that explain why the Democrats lost Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, not racism. 

People have a right to vote in their own self-interest.  That is the essence of democracy.  After all, doesn’t the vote of those who rely on government assistance and who reflexively vote to continue their wretched existence at the expense of others rather than do something about it represent the same thing?

Trump has made a career of restoring distressed properties to their past grandeur and he has promised to do that with America.  Unlike the rest of Washington’s oligarchs who promise us the moon and the stars in order to get our votes only to sell us out at every turn, Trump is showing that he means it when he says he’s going to Make America Great Again!