Why Trump Tweets: Eighteen – Year Old Interview Proves He Was Right, Clinton Was Wrong

Elder Patriot – That the mainstream media detests President Trump should be just fine with everybody.  Provided, of course, that they would’ve been as hard on Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton as well. 

After all, sunshine is the best disinfectant and history has taught us that every president has been forced at some point to make decisions that he’d rather not own up to later.

The problem with the mainstream media is that it purposefully ignores any narrative that contradicts the globalist agenda or that is critical of the globalists’ bought and paid for politicians.

That has never been clearer than it has been under Trump’s presidency and it is the primary reason that the MSM has worked overtime to denounce the president’s use of twitter.

The president is simply using the modern technology available to him to get his message directly to the people.  He isn’t afraid of that.  But, for the media the filter they rely on to discredit Trump has been stripped away.

It almost seems like an unfair fight.  They have multiple outlets each using 2,000 word columns to spread their message.  They have multiple 24-hour cable shows and every network’s nightly news programming where they represent the president in the worst possible light.  Even entertainment programming is aligned virtually 100% against Trump. 

This extent of venomous reporting seems somewhat inexplicable considering Trump was elected president less than a year ago, don’t you think?  A lot of people had to have voted for him, no?

On the other hand, Trump has one 140-character tweet with which to counter their attacks.  The president’s only “trump” cards are history and truth.

Trump’s use of new technology is no different than any other candidate who first sought to campaign off the back of trains, then used planes to barnstorm the nation, or who first embraced the use of television.

Barack Obama was applauded for his genius in working with tech savvy supporters like Eric Schmidt to data mine the Internet for voters who might support him.

Like everything else Trump is known for, he has found a way to accomplish his goals frugally.

Trump proved that once again with this tweet that shows the mainstream media sycophants were wrong to accept then-President Bill Clinton’s assertions 23-years ago:

“This is a good deal for the United States.  North Korea will cease and then dismantle its nuclear program.  South Korea and our other allies will be better protected.  The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons,” Bill Clinton told the world in 1994.

And, while George W. Bush and Barack Obama followed Clinton by burying their heads in the sand and kicking the can down the road, even back then Donald Trump was warning of the eventual threat we would be facing.

Almost two decades ago during an interview with NBC’s Tim Russert, then businessman Donald Trump expressed his dismay at how Bill Clinton had mishandled the North Korean threat:

“You want to do it in five years when they have warheads pointed all over the place, everyone of them pointed at New York City or Washington?  Its better to do it now.”

Well, Trump is president and “now” has arrived.  Another politician would’ve negotiated some new form of costly financial surrender, one that failed to make our allies or us safer but sent billions of dollars of your hard-earned money to the rogue regime to buy peace, if only temporarily. 

Trump is not another politician.

Trump knows that at best he has eight years to right the Ship of State.  So far he has shown that he has every intention of accomplishing as much as humanly possible in correcting the nation’s problems as is possible in that time span. 

For Trump there will be no kicking the can down the road. 

In the mid 1900’s the United States broadcast Radio Free Europe into the Soviet Union.  The message, though largely drowned out by Soviet-controlled radio, TV, and newspapers was powerful enough to lead to the Polish uprising and the eventual end of Russia’s domination of Eastern Europe.  The truth is that powerful.

Think of Twitter as President Trump’s modern version of Radio Free America. We the People hear him loud and clear.