Trump Tweet Blast Reasserts His Commitment to Draining the Swamp

Elder Patriot – President Trump released a series of tweets Sunday morning that should reassure his base that he remains committed to rooting out corruption in Washington. 

His target was Tennessee’s outgoing Senator Bob Corker who made his opposition to the president very evident.  Corker has served as a reliable establishment RINO since he first arrived in Washington in 2007.

Corker saw the handwriting on the wall when another establishment favorite, Luther Strange was crushed by outsider Roy Moore in the neighboring Alabama primary to select the Republican candidate to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate.  Corker resigned before the polls closed.

Corker and Strange had teamed up on at least one insider land deal that has become the hallmark of how the inside the beltway elites avoid the same taxes that everyone else pays in order to sweeten their deals.  Corker, from Tennessee, will receive $3 million dollars over the next 20 years courtesy of Alabama taxpayers.

Trump realized he made a mistake trying to mollify swamp leader Mitch McConnell when he endorsed Luther Strange.  He is determined not to make that mistake again.

The Republican establishment has blocked virtually every aspect of the Trump agenda leading the president to conclude that he needs to remake the party if he is to accomplish his goal of restoring America’s economic preeminence.

This morning he refused to allow swamp monster Corker to go quietly into the night.  That the president chose to pile on when he could’ve remained silent signals Trump’s desire to reaffirm his commitment to breaking up the Republican old boys’ club.

With his tweets this morning President Trump cleared the decks for conservative firebrand and current U.S. Rep Marsha Blackburn to run for the vacant seat.  Blackburn has been openly supportive of the president’s agenda.

But, this isn’t just about a single vacant seat in Tennessee.  Trump already was holding Corker’s scalp.  Trump wants to empower conservative challengers to fat cat Republican establishmentarians everywhere.

Trump is determined to drain the swamp of establishment Republicans who have sworn their allegiance to every moneyed interest while ignoring the plight of the American people.

Erik Prince, the founder of defense security contractor Blackwater, is mulling a run to unseat establishment Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming.  Prince shares Trump’s libertarian leanings and pragmatic approach towards problem solving.

According to an account in the New York Times:

“Republicans have privately said that a primary challenge against a lawmaker like Mr. Barrasso is the kind they fear most: an out-of-the-blue run by a renegade from the right against a senator whose sin is not a lack of conservative credentials, but an association with Mr. McConnell and other party leaders.”

Except for saying Barrasso is a conservative the Times got it mostly right.  The same equation will be in play across the country in states that Trump carried, as we saw in Alabama only a couple of weeks ago.

In that race, conservative Roy Moore won a landslide primary against the establishment-backed Strange despite being outspent 10-1.

The results in Alabama don’t bode well for Mitch McConnell whose only defense against candidates supporting the Trump agenda is the amount of money he can direct to the candidates of his choice.  McConnell’s name has become so toxic it’s possible no amount of money can overcome the distaste that voters attach to him.

Leading the attack on dismantling the Washington swamp are Steve Bannon and, Robert and his daughter Rebekah Mercer.  The Mercers are unique people.  I have dined with them on multiple occasions and can attest to the fact that they are billionaire patriots who are not in this for their personal benefit.  They are revolutionaries in the mold of our Founding Fathers – willing to risk their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor for an ideal.

They are also used to taking financial risks when the payoffs can be significant and a 10-1 return like the one Bannon delivered in Alabama has convinced the Mercers that their underfunded revolutionaries can be as successful as their predecessors were in 1776.

The first American Revolution came against a globalist imperialist power.  The second revolution is being waged for principally the same reasons.

Bannon is their Paul Revere and George Washington rolled into one person.  His success in orchestrating Moore’s win in Alabama, on the heels of Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the American political system only last November, has emboldened Bannon and the Mercers that voters are ready for change with the belief that no amount of establishment money can turn back the tide.

Bannon is also preparing to open fronts in Maine, Mississippi and Minnesota where he has become convinced that conservative can win Senate seats as well by Ann LePage, Chris McDaniel and Michelle Bachmann, respectively.

As the public becomes increasingly aware that establishment Republicans are standing in the way of the agenda of the man they voted for, the battle lines have been drawn.

Vice President Pence has been at Trump’s side throughout his presidency.  This past Tuesday his Chief of Staff Nick Ayers railed against congressional leaders in closed-door remarks to wealthy donors and called for a “purge” if GOP lawmakers don’t quickly rally behind President Donald Trump’s agenda:

“Just imagine the possibilities of what can happen if our entire party unifies behind him? If — and this sounds crass — we can purge the handful of people who continue to work to defeat him.” 

Almost immediately the money coming into the Republican establishment coffers dried up. 

For McConnell, who couldn’t come close to dragging Strange across the finish line with a 10-1 spending advantage, any loss of funding could signal a death knell for his chosen candidates – even those who aren’t incumbents.

Were this morning’s tweets Trump fulfilling his warning of late last week when he said that we were experiencing the clam before the storm?     

Steven Bannon has used Breitbart’s platform to speak truth to power.  The wind is at his back now.  Do not bet against him, the Mercers, the American people, or Donald Trump.