Trump Trolls Divided Dems Then Drives a Truck Through the Fissure…

Elder Patriot – You’d think they’d have learned by now.  But they haven’t. And President Trump exploited the Marxist propaganda media’s predictability with his outsized Twitter lever to drive an 18-wheeler through the divided Democrat party.

Trump threw chum in the water just as we were awakening yesterday.  

It didn’t take a genius to know what was coming.

The media went apoplectic with cries that Trump told them to “go back where you came from.”  Except he didn’t.  Read those tweets again slowly.

This is the genius of Trump.

No reference to color or ethnicity or nationality.  No racism. Though, that was the claim. And no, he didn’t tell them to go back to where they came from.  He told them to fix the problems in their home countries and then tell us how they did it.

Brilliant!  Frankly, everyone I know who still has a working brain, sees no merit in open borders, 70-90% tax rates, the Green New Deal, shipping our jobs back to China… you get where this is going.

President Trump’s growing base of supporters saw it all clearly.  And, for those that didn’t, Trump waited till happy hour to drive a giant wedge straight through the heat of the Democratic Party: 

Trump was relentless, saying everything God-fearing, America loving patriots have been saying to each other but were too cowed by the PC police to say publicly. 

We are the most generous country on earth… by far.  No other country has put their children $22 Trillion in debt helping other countries build their economies and defend their borders.

Americans don’t appreciate listening to virulent anti-American diatribes.   It’s even more infuriating when it comes from someone who has been the beneficiary of that generosity and then…