Trump Trolls Dems …Again. They Bite…Again. Bwhahahahaha!!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump continues using Twitter to troll Democrats who are desperate to pass the blame for their sins on to the new president.  As soon as Trump opens the door with one of his tweets they pounce and the MSM begins a cacophony of criticism aimed at Trump’s supposed naiveté, xenophobia, etc., etc.

Because of the MSM’s ability to shape public opinion and its steadfast protection of Clinton’s criminal syndicate (aka as the Democratic Party and its RINO associates), Trump has decided that it is preferable to counter-punch than to take the initiative and be accused of being on the attack.  In other words, hang them on their own accusations.

And, the president did it again after meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Like a moth to a flame the Dems and their propaganda arm jumped right into the fire.

Adam Schiff is the Dem’s ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee.  He is a despicable propagandist who has leveraged his position on the committee to smear President Trump without offering even a scintilla of evidence.  It is not hyperbole to say Schiff is a disciple of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Schiff took the bait and released these responses to Trump’s tweet:


President Trump finally sent this tweet acknowledging there will be no cyber security deal with Russia:

But look at the treasure trove Trump found from Schiff in the trap he set:

  • “A cyber security working group with the very perpetrators of the attack on our election.”  That sounds a whole lot like CrowdStrike and the Democrats to anyone familiar with the facts.
  • “President Trump had the opportunity to strongly raise the issue of Russian interference in our election.”  That sounds a whole lot like Obama’s feckless leadership over the last four months leading up to the election.
  • “He didn’t, instead he has agreed to form a cybersecurity (Sp?) unit with the perpetrators.”  What did Schiff and other Dems and their RINO friends say back when Obama directed Hillary Clinton to assist in the development of Skolkovo, the Russian government technology initiative that was intended to be Russia’s equivalent of America’s Silicon Valley?
  • “This is akin to asking North Korea to lead a working group on nuclear proliferation.”  Or, like asking Democrats to participate in an effort to ensure voting integrity?

Watch for President Trump to turn Schiff’s statements that the MSM’s echo chamber will be amplifying over the next 48 hours, against his enemies in the days and weeks to follow.