Trump Ties to Russia? There’s Far More Proof That Obama’s Obsession was to Strengthen Iran and Build the Caliphate

ELDER PATRIOT – The more we learn about our ex-president and his ties to Iran the worse his legacy looks.  While Leftists continue to howl about an imagined link between President Trump and the Russians they dutifully ignored Barack Hussein Obama’s complicity in developing international terrorists ability to wage war against the West.

Keep in mind that Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.  While President Obama claimed to be fighting terrorism evidence continues to surface proving the opposite.

The latest evidence comes from Politico’s Josh Meyer who reported yesterday that Obama and members of his administration freed seven Iranians who had been charged with weapons procurement that had been determined by prosecutors to pose a significant threat to our country’s national security

Meyer also reported that the Obama administration told federal prosecutors to vacate charges against 14 other fugitives that evidence proved were guilty of smuggling sophisticated weapon systems to both Iran and terrorist groups – many that are subsidiaries of Iran’s worldwide terror network.

This comes on top of the recent revelations that virtually all of the terrorists released from Gitmo eventually found their way back to the battlefield.  The only reason we can’t say “all” is only because we cannot yet confirm that 100% of those former high-profile terrorists have rejoined the fight against us, and our allies.

Then there was the 150 Billion dollars we sent to Iran, as part of a deal that would allow the terrorist nation to develop nuclear weapons and/or to spread terrorism around the world.  The Iranian nuclear agreement smells an awful lot like the deal Bill Clinton worked out with North Korea.  It amounted to nothing more than ignoring the threat and leaving it to some future president to deal with.

Ant benefit that we got out of the deal can only be found in the minds of sycophantic Leftists.  If giving Iran nuclear capabilities was Obama’s goal he could’ve at least sold them the technology to reduce our federal debt rather than adding to the obligations of already debt-riddled American taxpayer. 

Essentially, Obama used American money to fund Iran’s nuclear development.  Trump was right when he said that Obama was a failure as a negotiator unless, of course, his goal was to turn Iran into the Middle East’s regional power in the short term and a global hegemonic power in the long run.

Let’s not forget Obama’s refusal to enforce our federal immigration laws resulting in porous borders that have provided easy entry to Middle Easterners many with murderous intentions.  These Islamic terrorists have been establishing relationships with Mexican drug cartels that cannot end well for us.

How about Obama’s obsession with toppling secularist Middle Eastern rulers in Syria and Libya?  He might be suspected of prematurely withdrawing from Iraq for the same reasons.

Here’s a question worth considering, if Obama wanted to create an Islamic Caliphate what more could’ve he have done? 

If President Trump’s last name was Trumpovich you can bet your bottom dollar Leftists and the media would be citing that as evidence of Trump’s Russian loyalties despite the fact that after more than a year the FBI has turned up nothing to suggest any ties exist.

With his track record established by eight years of acquiescence to Iran, Barack Hussein Obama’s name has not been similarly questioned.

It’s time to acknowledge that the evidence is overwhelming that Barack Hussein Obama was an Iranian operative.