Trump Thwarting CIA Psyops

ELDER PATRIOT – What’s behind the as yet unsubstantiated CIA claims that Russia somehow hacked our elections to install Donald Trump as their puppet?  If you’re looking for an explanation try chewing on this explanation.

The CIA has long relied on control of the mainstream media to advance its agenda.  Sometimes those goals coincided with those of our elected leaders and at other times the CIA pursued its own goals. 

An example was the CIA’s invasion of Cuba that President Kennedy immediately squelched when air cover was requested for the operation that he had never given his approval to.

The CIA has not restrained themselves to international actions either.  In 1975 the Church Committee – a senate subcommittee investigating CIA activity inside the United States – uncovered an extensive web of CIA paid operatives in every area of the mainstream media (newspapers, television news, periodicals, radio news, etc.) charged with directing a narrative to influence the way Americans think and what they believe.

Control over the attitudes of the American people was made possible by the filter that the mainstream media maintained over the political narrative since the CIA first began acting in the best interests of people other than the citizens of the United States.

Their control in determining the candidates of both major political parties had been virtually absolute until now.  Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media who went all in to defeat Donald Trump he found a way to talk around and over them on his way to wresting power first from the Republicans and then from and Hillary Clinton.

His use of twitter and large public rallies powered his ascendancy and neutered the mainstream media’s filter.  Trump has successfully circumvented the CIA’s psyops against the American people and neither the CIA nor the elected Washington establishment don’t like the fact that they’ve had their wings clipped in this fashion and they have taken steps to restore their power by passing legislation that will allow only them to determine what the “truth” is and to silence other viewpoints.

The CIA is not resting with a legislative solution alone.  Trump will be president unless they decide to assassinate him and the CIA tying him to Vladimir Putin is meant to diminish Trump’s credibility and make his demise more palatable to as many Americans as possible.

If you think the CIA will not participate in domestic assassination you are naïve.  Whether Oswald’s bullet was responsible for killing Kennedy the CIA was at a loss to explain how the back of his head was blown off by Oswald’s shot.  That would only happen by a bullet entering from the front of Kennedy meaning Oswald did not act alone – if he was involved at all and not simply a patsy.

Who else was involved?  The CIA’s reliance on the “magic” bullet theory casts serious doubts about their investigative abilities at best and their intentions at worst.

Not since JFK has a United States president dared slap down the globalists – until now.  And the CIA is not prepared to sit idly by and let it happen.

We are in the fight of our lives for the sovereignty of our country and its prosperity only because Trump was able to defeat the CIA at their own game.  They will not rest until they render Trump impotent.