Trump Threatens “To Get Involved”- Mueller Would Do Well to Listen

E. Patriot – Earlier today we reported on Rudy Giuliani’s very public offer to Robert Mueller to put an end to Russian collusion and obstruction narratives that have poisoned our political dialogue.

Both investigations have yielded zero evidence so unless Mueller is intent on dividing the electorate along ideological lines for some perceived political gain, Rudy’s offer was entirely reasonable.

Now it appears that Rudy was making an offer that Mueller should not refuse.  Replace Woltz with Mueller, and Tom Fagan with Rudy.

Barely three hours after the tweet from the president’s attorney, Trump provided Mueller with the incentive to accept Rudy’s proposal:

I feel sure that we will soon be getting to the bottom of all of this corruption. At some point I may have to get involved!

There’s only one way for President Trump to get involved and that’s by ordering the declassification and release of those tens of thousands of HRC emails that were discovered on convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner’s laptop. the four FISA warrant applications, as well as all other relevant documents that will prove the only collusion that took place was between Obama’s CIA, DOJ, FBI, the Clinton campaign, and foreign entities primarily Britain and Russia.

Has anyone considered the possibility that, with all the confusing arguments and narratives surrounding the Obama-Clinton collusion and corruption, President Trump has authorized the production of miniseries for release prior to the 2018 midterms to make this easier for the American people to understand?

After all, while Mueller continues his fishing expedition, and the media follows with one discredited narrative after the next, Trump and his allies already have seen all of the evidence and are well aware of the conspiracy that existed against him.

Remember, Trump has previously used this approach to sell Kim Jong-un on aligning with the United States rather than China.

We have long held the belief that President Trump is playing 4-dimensional chess and this would be the perfect way to allow additional members of the corrupt D.C. swamp to incriminate themselves until the last possible moment.

Enjoy the movie.