Trump Tells Mattis to Send the Welcoming Committee to the Border

Elder Patriot – When Donald Trump was elected president he tapped Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis as his Secretary of Defense.  Trump explained why, “He’s the closest thing we have to General George Patton.”

With an invading force traveling through Mexico determined to breach our southern border, Trump’s selection of Mattis is almost as though he knew this day was coming.

Make no mistake, this is an invading force.  They were offered asylum, jobs, and medical care by the Mexican government and turned it down.  Even the U.N. can’t defend them after that.

As a candidate Trump was very clear about where he stood on the inflow of illegal aliens into the United States, the damage they were doing to our country, and that he was resolved to put an end to it.

Regardless, leftists seeking to foment civil unrest and election discord in the United States have brazenly funded what must now be viewed as an invading force.

Vice President Mike Pence told FOX News’ Peter Doocy:

“What the president of Honduras told me is that the caravan was organized by leftist organizations, political activists within Honduras, and he said it was being funded by outside groups, and even from Venezuela.

Venezuela, it’s economy ravaged by socialism, doesn’t have the money to fund a walk to the grocery.  Somehow I smell China’s hand in this.

China’s economy is in a tailspin now that President Trump has begun putting a stop to their looting of our economy through one-way trade deals and the theft of intellectual property.  

Importantly, China is powerless to counter Trump’s tariffs in any serious manner and that threatens their $500B trade surplus with us.  Of course, if China can lead a voter insurrection against Trump they would be able to return the same politicians to power who created that surplus in the first place.

See how that works?  There’s more than one way to meddle in an election.

Trump, if he’s proven anything, is a man who keeps his, and in this case Obama’s, promises.

Earlier this week, President Trump reiterated his determination to seal the border to this invading force and told them to turn around.

The president has now authorized Mad Dog Mattis to take over sealing the border from here.  Those intent on testing the Mad Dog should ask ISIS how that turned out for them.

The AP reported that Mattis told reporters earlier today barricades and active duty troops are in transit to the southern border to turn back the invasion force.

Mattis is still determining the final number he will order deployed but he allowed that the additional troops will provide logistical and other support to the Border Patrol, and will bolster the efforts of the approximately 2,000 National Guard forces already there.

When the caravan arrives, the mainstream anti-Trump media will attempt to consume the news with stories of helpless babies and children having weathered thousands of miles of brutal desert to reach their promised land.

Don’t buy it.  Other than organizing for pictures, they’re 80% males and riding most of the way.