Trump Tells Chuck Todd That The Biggest Mistake He’s Made So Far Was…

Elder Patriot – | President Trump sat down with NBC’s Chuck Todd for a lengthy interview that aired this morning:

About 16.00 minutes into the interview Todd asks President Trump if he could have one do-over as president what would it be?  Trump didn’t hesitate:

Chuck Todd: “If you could have one do over as president, what would it be?”

President Donald Trump: “Well, it would be personnel.”

Todd: “Who is it?”

Trump: “I would say if I had one do over, it would be, I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. That would be my one”

Todd: “That’s your, in your mind, that’s your worst mistake?”

Trump: “Yeah, that was the biggest mistake.”

Was Todd serious asking President Trump whether the appointment of the feckless Sessions was his biggest mistake?  Sessions’ recusal crippled the first two-and-a-half years of the Trump presidency.