Trump Targets Democrats’ Attack Strategy Over Phony Claims of Puerto Rico Neglect

Elder Patriot – Opinion -Trump Targets Democrats’ Attack Strategy Over Phony Claims of Puerto Rico Neglect

Democrats have been largely successful, with the help of their allies in the propagandist media, in painting Donald Trump as having ignored the plight of the island of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

The fact is that it was the Democratic leadership of Puerto Rico that squandered the massive funding directed to rebuilding the island following Hurricane Maria.

This was entirely predictable for those who have followed Puerto Rico’s mishandling of monies prior to the hurricane.

The island was facing bankruptcy in early 2017 before Congress redirected U.S. taxpayers’ money towards bailing out Puerto Rico.

Regardless of how much money we send to Puerto Rico, the Democrats in charge will use it to enrich themselves and their political allies without regard for the people they were elected to represent.

And, the media will continue to use its influence powers to convince voters that Republicans don’t care about minorities and that Orange man is bad.

Earlier today it was reported that members of the Boston Red Sox, led by their manager Alex Cora, will boycott the team’s official White House visit.

Washington (CNN) The Boston Red Sox’s manager plans to skip his team’s visit to the White House this week to celebrate their World Series win, citing his disapproval of the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Alex Cora, the Red Sox manager, told reporters Sunday he will not accompany his team to the White House on Thursday when they go to celebrate their 2018 World Series win with President Donald Trump, according to CNN affiliate NESN.

Cora, a native of Caguas, Puerto Rico, said the government has done “some things back home that are great,” but added that “we still have a long ways to go.”

“That’s our reality. You know, it’s pretty tough, you know, to go celebrate when we’re in where we’re at,” Cora said. “I’d rather not go. And, you know, just be consistent with everything.”

The president, empowered following the release of the Mueller report and the fact that he has a real law enforcement Attorney General at the head of the Justice Department, is now looking to settle old scores.

When is comes to the media lies about Puerto Rico President Trump has had enough!

Trump took to twitter to go on the offensive.  Late this morning the president dropped the hammer of truth on both apologists for Puerto Rico’s malfeasance and corruption, and the Democrats’ use of these phony complaints for political advantage.

When “monster” hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, $51 Billion was allocated to both states, combined, for emergency relief.  The combined populations of those two states exceeds 49 million people.

In comparison, Puerto Rico with a population of 3.7 million persons received $91 Billion.  That’s nearly 24 times more per person allocated to a country that we just saved from bankruptcy.

President Trump highlights the fact that Democrats are now holding suffering U.S. citizens in Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina hostage unless additional U.S. taxpayers’ dollars are pissed away in Puerto Rico first.