Trump Support Among Blacks Explodes Since Tuesday’s Speech

“Hillary Clinton has had her chance. She failed. Now it’s time for new leadership.

“The Hillary Clinton agenda hurts poor people the most.

“There is no compassion in allowing drug dealers, gang members, and felons to prey on innocent people. It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe, and when I am President I will fight for the safety of every American – and especially those Americans who have not known safety for a very, very long time.

“I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future.

“It is time for our society to address some honest and very difficult truths.

The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community. Democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.Donald Trump Tuesday in West Bend, Wisconsin

ELDER PATRIOT – Trump announced his plans for a new agenda that ignores entrenched party politics and instead invites all Americans to participate in making America great again.  A significant amount of his speech was dedicated directly to correcting the policy failures of the past half-century that have left black Americans behind.

“We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. She doesn’t care at all about the hurting people of this country, or the suffering she has caused them.

“The African-American community has been taken for granted for decades by the Democratic Party. It’s time to break with the failures of the past – I want to offer Americans a new future.

“It is time for rule by the people, not rule by special interests.


“Let’s talk about what this means for the inner cities of America. It’s time to break through the television noise, the entrenched interests. I understand that a lot of powerful people in our political system – a lot of people who’ve created our problems – will lose a lot of their contracts, and their special gigs, if African-American voters, and all minority voters, support my campaign.

“It’s time to stop making the special interests rich. It’s time to make the American people rich.


“The Democratic Party has run nearly every inner city in this country for 50 years, and run them into financial ruin.

“They’ve ruined the schools.

“They’ve driven out the jobs.

“They’ve tolerated a level of crime no American should consider acceptable.

“Violent crime has risen 17% in America’s 50 largest cities last year. Killings of police officers this year is up nearly 50 percent. Homicides are up more than 60% in Baltimore. They are up more than 50% in Washington, D.C.

“This is the future offered by Hillary Clinton. More poverty, more crime, and more of the same. The future she offers is the most pessimistic thing I can possibly imagine.

It is time for a different future.”

Now the latest Los Angeles Times/USC Dornsife national tracking poll shows Trump’s support among black voters growing by a multiple of 6 in only the last few days!  This is double the support Mitt Romney garnered against Barack Obama and Trump was only just getting started. 

Earlier today he travelled to Baton Rouge to survey the devastation due to flooding caused by a recent tropical storm.  Obama has been too busy golfing on vacation to make time to visit the mostly black community that has seen at least 30,000 people displaced from their homes.  Hillary has been resting for her next campaign appearance in a couple of days.  Or, as Democrats have proven since before the civil war, she just doesn’t give a damn about them.  In any event she is proving that Democrats take the Black vote for granted. 

None of this has been lost on this hurting community and Blacks, especially, are well aware of who is showing them some love.

It’s an awakening among Blacks and here is an inner city Milwaukee man speaking about it:

From the start, Trump’s supporters have rallied behind him because he promised to break down the barriers that have been used to divide us and now his message is beginning to resonate across the broader electorate!!!