Trump Stays Busy Unraveling Obama’s Legacy: Signs Order Severely Curtailing Welfare-Dependent Legal Immigration. Will Save Taxpayers $57.4 Billion

Elder Patriot| Despite Congressional efforts from both sides of the aisle to prevent him from doing so, President Trump is still working to make good on his promise to limit immigration to those who have something to contribute to our society.

So yesterday, on top of moving his declassification order, President Trump signed an order to begin – get this – enforcing two laws President Clinton had signed in 1996.

The existing laws are the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act” and “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.”

President Trump’s order intends to ensure that federal agencies enforce those laws that were written to protect American taxpayers.

The laws direct that public welfare funding benefits be reimbursed when they are used by a legal immigrant by holding a family member or business sponsor of that immigrant responsible for paying back the welfare costs previously used by that immigrant.

A Treasury Offset Program will take the money out of the sponsor’s taxes if the sponsor of a legal immigrant does not repay the welfare cost.

A senior administration official told Breitbart News:

“This is a historic, transformative action to restore the foundational principle of U.S. immigration law: that those seeking to join our society must support themselves financially.”

“This executive action will dramatically curb ‘welfare tourism’ and protect U.S. benefits for U.S. families.  It will also ensure that immigrant sponsors cannot continue the practice of bringing in large numbers of welfare-dependent immigrants: because they will be financially liable. Congress passed these laws – but they were effectively never used. Now they will be.”

“Newcomers will not be able to live on free federal healthcare, housing, and other welfare at taxpayer expense.”

The order goes even further by ensuring that the income of a sponsor to a legal immigrant is sufficient to cover the anticipated cost of the legal immigrant applying for federal welfare.

The strengthened enforcement procedures will also work to prevent illegal aliens from being able to receive federal welfare benefits.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, America’s average immigrant household costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare.

It is estimated that these curbs will result in $57.4 billion in direct savings to federal taxpayers.

States that embrace sanctuary policies will continue to force their taxpayers to assume the costs of their legal and illegal populations that include police and fire protection, housing, schools, jail and prison space, etc…