Trump Reduces Mexican Terrorist to Tears [VIDEO]

ELDER PATRIOT – “For the Hispanic community it has been 102 days of fear.” – Jorge Ramos (Univision Reporter) to Anderson Cooper yesterday

“Welcome to the party, pal.” – John McClane (Die Hard)

Jorge Ramos who, during the presidential campaign adopted a combative, often vicious approach towards then candidate Trump arguing that America has no right to build the wall, the Hispanic community had become a dominant political force and would block his election, and that Mexicans had every right to enter America at will, has been reduced to crying like the child who realizes that he isn’t getting what he wanted.

Ramos’ appeal to Americans that Trump’s policies have resulted in “102 days of fear” within the Hispanic community reaches a level of Chutzpah that every American should understand.

The three decades long invasion, by as many as 35 million uneducated Hispanics from Mexico and South and Central America may have been tolerated as an act of compassion by U.S. citizens at the outset but, has amounted to more than a quarter-century long terrorist invasion.

Are those strong words?  You bet.  But by every definition they fit and in many forms.

Economic Terrorism: Our country is $20 trillion in operating debt and many times that amount in unfunded liabilities.   With fifty-nine percent of our budget chewed up by our entitlement programs and another six percent going to pay the interest on the debt that these programs have caused, we’ve been adding an average of $1.25 trillion in debt each of the past eight years.    

Today, there is so much demand for these programs that in many instances U.S. citizens are being turned away because there is nothing left in the budget for them in their time of need.

On the state and local level the costs associated with policing, educating, housing, and other costs have cities awash in a sea of red ink or have raised taxes so that living there is out of the reach of ordinary Americans.

Many of the 54 million working age residents of our country who are not working can’t find work because of the immigrant invasion. 

What type of fear do these U.S. citizens live with as they watch their neighbors lose their homes, either due to onerous taxation in support of the costs the immigrant community brings with it or because they have outright been replaced by cheaper immigrant labor, and their marriages and their lives collapse? 

Mr. Ramos, do you deny that U.S. citizens who are still employed don’t fear that they’re next?

Are they not entitled to at least the same compassion that Jorge Ramos asks of the rest of us for people who broke our laws when they chose to enter our country illegally? 

Violence:  According to the first report from 2005 (GAO-05-337R,) criminal aliens (both legal and illegal) make up 27 percent of all federal prisoners and has risen significantly since.  That number doesn’t include crimes that violate state and local law, or those criminal aliens that are not in prison at all because of sanctuary city policies.

Gang violence and drugs have reached epidemic proportions and a large percentage of both are introduced into our country by crossing our border with Mexico.

Who cries for the victims, Mr. Ramos?  Who cries for their families?  How do you quantify the fear felt by those U.S. citizens who have yet to become victims?

This is not meant to be a condemnation of Hispanics, the majority of who are fine people.  It is, however, a condemnation of lax enforcement of our existing immigration laws that has devastated our economy and made our communities considerably less safe. 

Remember, every crime committed by an illegal alien is one that wouldn’t have occurred if that alien hadn’t been in the United States in the first place.

If the goal of terrorists has been to cause fear and economic disruption then this has been the most severe extended terror attack in our country’s history.

I find it somewhat satisfying that Ramos’ initial arrogance has now been reduced to begging for compassion.  Mr. Ramos, your crocodile tears won’t work.