Trump Pauses to Reform Immigration Policy – While Media Ignores House Cleaning of Obama Era Corruption at Justice Department

The mainstream Clinton protection media had three hot stories to report the past two weeks.  They chose to make one up to obscure reporting on the facts of the other three.

They castigated Trump’s treatment of our bloodsucking G-7 “allies,” that has, only one week later, resulted in another unreported win for America’s workers.

Then they moved on to denigrating his diplomatic efforts with North Korea that has proven to be better thought out and holds more promise than anything any previous previous president has attempted over the past six decades.

Finally, they completely ignored the 800-pound gorilla in the room – the Clinton-Obama weaponization of our intelligence agencies in an effort to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential  election that has been defended by every Congressional Democrat to one degree or another.

Instead, they led with trumped up twenty-year-old charges to blame Trump for the conditions at our southern border that separates illegal entrants from their minor children.  The situation has existed since 1997, when Bill Clinton was president.

So Trump was moved to shut them up so he can get back to work for the American people.  I’d call them the “forgotten” men and women but that wouldn’t be accurate. These men and women – the ones who Trump promised to protect – weren’t forgotten so much as they were deliberately cast aside for the benefit of a political cabal dedicated to their own enrichment.

Trump immediately placed blame for the so-called humanitarian border crisis, that was the result of three decades of presidents kicking the can down the road with the quiet compliance of the mainstream media, where it belongs.

Any questions as to why the mainstream media are stridently opposed to President Trump’s use of Twitter should be directed to @Jack.

President Trump had heard enough.  He had come to Washington to fix problems and for that reason alone he wasn’t welcome there.  There’s no money is solutions. Getting blamed for the failures of past presidents and congresses isn’t something Trump would abide, especially when much bigger stories deserved to have sunlight cast on them.

The corporately controlled media was broiling President Trump because he was enforcing the laws that he inherited when he was elected.  No matter how much the forces aligned against President Trump object to him, enforcing the law is one of the president’s jobs under our Constitution.  

Any attempt to say otherwise ignores both the separation of powers provided for in our Constitution and Donald Trump’s history since taking office.

President Trump offered fixes to  our broken immigration system last October but those members of both parties that remain the property of K Street lobbyists refused to do so.

Illegal immigration had become a political football because Congress has spent decades refusing to act to correct it.  It was never within the president’s – Trump’s or any of his predecessors’ – authority to correct it. Fixing it requires legislative action.

Instead of acting, Trump’s predecessors selectively ignored enforcing our immigration laws and the media obligingly ignored reporting on the deliberate abrogation of their duties.

The fact is fixing our broken policies requires both legislative action and a president willing to enforce those laws.

So yesterday Trump launched a counteroffensive against the raging media efforts to paint him as this generation’s version of Hitler for upholding the laws that Democrats had passed and the legal decisions that liberal judges had burdened us with when he signed an Executive Order aimed at keeping the families of illegal border crossers together while their case is waiting adjudication:

The details of Trump’s E.O. will not be appreciated by those deriding Trump and the E.O. will almost certainly be challenged by liberals in court but for now it puts the ball squarely in congress’ court and hopefully silences the barking dogs so that the most important story – the Obama era corruption at the CIA, FBI, DOJ, State Department, IRS, EPA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus – might see the light of day.

The media can only ignore this story until the indictments are unsealed but by then their credibility will be gone.

Meanwhile Trump had already decided to move against the cabal and the mainstream media in a way they never anticipated.  The President began a complete reset with the countries responsible for the humanitarian crises at our southern border when he made this announcement to the National Federation of Independent Business:

“We want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families all together and bring them back to their country.

“Think of all that aid that we give some of these countries– hundreds of millions of dollars we give to some of these countries and they send them up. I’m going to go, very shortly, for authorization that when countries abuse us by sending their people up — not their best (people) — we’re not going to give any more aid to those countries.

“Why the hell should we? Why should we? This is a responsible, common-sense approach that all lawmakers should embrace, Democrats and Republicans.”

This is a debate that the Cabal owned politicians in the congress do not want to have prior to the 2018 midterms.  

Thanks to President Trump, and their failure to steal his presidency from us, there will be no hiding from this debate.