Trump is Leading a World Wide Freedom Movement: Weeks Old Brexit Party Moves to Commanding 13-Point Lead Over Closest Opponent

Elder Patriot – In 2016, Americans who had grown disgusted with both political parties elected an outsider.  Presented with a candidate who had never lied to them, they immediately catapulted Donald Trump to the top of the Republican field and then to the presidency.

Now that same disgust has slingshotted Nigel Farage’s weeks old Brexit Party into a commanding lead prior to the upcoming EU Parliament elections.

Everyday Brits have grown increasingly disappointed with the ruling elites stalling tactics at withdrawing from the EU nearly three years after they voted to leave the European Union.

As far as the political elites are concerned, the world order was established following WWII and, for them, it has worked as planned.  They’ve grown richer while the large percentage of the world’s peoples have been left fighting over crumbs.

Americans trusted Donald Trump and the result is the world’s hottest economy.  More importantly, the economy is working for the benefit of the American people.  Record levels of employment across every demographic, rising wages following decades of stagnation, and low inflation.

Do not think for a minute that America’s success has escaped the Brits.

Nigel Farage seeks to bring the same results to Britain.  The Brits are listening, and responding in large numbers.

If the Opinium Research poll is even close to being accurate, Farage’s Brexiteers are crushing the rest of the field.  The two current ruling parties, Labour and Conservatives, combined are trailing the Brexit Party – 34-32%.


The Conservative Party’s stunning collapse puts down in fourth place behind even the Liberal Democrats, who have been only a third force in British politics since the 1920s, and barely even that after arch-europhile Nick Clegg led them to near-obliteration in the 2015 general election.

Remember how then-candidate Trump, having exposed and then boldly challenged, the fecklessness acquiescence of his Republican challengers to maintaining the status quo, quickly rose to a significant lead in the polls?  It appears the same thing is happening in Britain.

As you listen to Farage discuss British Prime Minister Theresa May during this interview, think how similar May’s position sounds to those of our past presidents, current presidential candidate Joe Biden, and even Republican leader Mitch McConnell.