Trump Just Punched China in the Eye

ELDER PATRIOT – President Trump authorized the nighttime exercises of two B-1B Lancer bombers – in conjunction with Japanese fighter aircraft – over the South China Sea last night.  China has claimed the South China Sea to be its sovereign territory.

Trump’s provocation was sent to alert China’s President Xi Jinping that his protection of North Korea would no longer be countenanced.  It should not be dismissed that the warning was delivered on the eve of Xi and Trump meeting at the G-20 today in the same way that Trump delivered a similar hardline message to Russia’s Vladimir Putin the day before their meeting.

Trump will use today’s meeting to tell Xi that they either put an end to trading with North Korea or China will no longer be granted access to U.S. markets or to U.S. banks. 

Trump is committed to bringing North Korea to heel before they have the ability to reach the United States with nuclear tipped ICBM’s and China is propping up the rogue government of Kim Jong Un through continued – even increased – trade with Pyongyang.

Xi Jinping is counting on the MSM to paint President Trump as a madman courting WWIII halfway across the world.  In actuality, Trump has weighed the options in kicking the can down the road in the same manner that the last three presidents did and he has realized the costs of letting this fester will only become greater and far more deadly.

China’s restraint towards dealing with a rogue neighbor obtaining nuclear arms only makes sense if they’re convinced of their control over that country.  This can only mean that North Korea serves as a surrogate for China’s foreign policy, something President Trump proved with his Mar-A-Lago strategy.

When the president entertained Xi at Mar-A-Lago earlier this year he offered Xi a carrot – deal with North Korean – and the U.S. will ignore China’s damaging and in many cases illegal trade policies. 

For President Trump this initial offer to Xi was a major concession.  Trump had made restoring balanced trade with China a centerpiece of his campaign.  The fact that he put such a significant chip on the table in negotiations with Xi indicates just how great a threat his advisors has told him North Korea is.

Since that early meeting Xi has not only continued trading with North Korea, he increased it by 40%.  So much for détente.

Thanks to the fecklessness of the past three administrations, President Trump was presented with no good options when he took office.  He has weighed what options are available and has concluded he can either conduct a trade war with China now, or kick the can down the road like his predecessors did and almost assuredly be faced with a military war with North Korean and likely China, later.

Trump has decided that asking American consumers to pay slightly more for the merchandise they buy today in order to bring China into line outweighs the future cost in our children’s blood and the nation’s treasure that will be necessary if North Korea and China are allowed to continue unchecked.