Trump Exposes Pact Between Davos Elites and Communist China To Dominate the World

ELDER PATRIOT – With the election of Donald Trump the Davos Elites know they will no longer have the United States to fleece of its wealth and that has forced them to acknowledge their intentions towards Communist China much sooner than they had wanted to.

Since the worlds’ economic nobility began meeting in Davos four decades ago their policies have diminished the value of our dollar so that we need $24.00 today to have the same purchasing power as $1.00 did a century ago.  During that time our national debt has increased over 22,000 times.  The beneficiaries of the policies that have fleeced the American workers and their families have been the private banks that hold the notes and collect the interest and the corporations whose growth is guaranteed by government largesse.  This is the model these elites would like to perpetuate as long as possible.

Without the United States in the mix the Davos Elites were compelled to bring in Xi Jinping to prove to the attendees that at least one major world player was still interested in doing business with them.

The elites became enamored with Communist China as the center for global manufacturing because the cost of labor is dirt-cheap there, and their ironhanded communist controls keeps laborers in line.  Internet censorship is so thorough that dissent is kept to an absolute minimum.  The memory of Tiananmen Square is still fresh enough in the minds of the Chinese to prevent the type of political discord we witnessed around the country this weekend by anti-Trump Marxists.

The protests over the past weekend opened the door for Xi to direct Chinese state publications to begin declaring that communist leadership provides for a more stable operating environment for corporations. 

The state-run People’s Daily declared that, “Western style democracy used to be a recognized power in history to drive social development. But now it has reached its limits. Democracy is already kidnapped by the capitals and has become the weapon for capitalists to chase profits.”

The article finished their critique of the United States by concluding that we are witnessing the end of capitalism and that would allow Communism to emerge victorious.

By aligning with the communist Chinese the 2,500 political and business “leaders” gathered in Davos Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum removed any doubt that they are only capitalists when it benefits them but otherwise they couldn’t give a damn about the rights or welfare of the people who work so hard to enrich them.

So the Davos Elites and the Communist Chinese have taken the veil off of their alignment and if Hillary Clinton had ran a successful campaign their plans would have come to fruition.

It should surprise no one that Barack Obama did everything in his power to help communism flourish even if it meant hurting the pesky capitalists who elected him in good faith.  What’s disturbing is to think that both Bushes and Bill Clinton also carried the water for these people.

Donald Trump couldn’t give a damn about the politics involved here.  Trump saw how the wealth of our citizens was being stolen from them by this unholy cabal and stepped in to put a stop to it. 

Thanks one more thing to thank President Trump for.