Trump Employed Military Style Dissection to Defeat the Globalist Movement

ELDER PATRIOT – Similar to the American-led military reclamation of Europe that first divided the Nazis and then destroyed them, the Neoconservative-Progressive Globalist political movement in the United States has been split in two by Donald Trump.  All that remains are two separate armies, one defined by its greed and the other by its stupidity and selfishness.

The Progressives who have seized control of the Democratic Party will meet in Philadelphia next month to plot its strategy forward, stripped by Donald Trump of its core strength, the Blue Collar Worker.  These are the Blue-Collar Workers whose hard work and productivity catapulted the United States into the position of being the world’s leading manufacturer and, as a result its leading economy. 

The importance of their work was undeniable and that allowed them to demand and receive wages commensurate with the value they brought to America’s burgeoning economy and that led to the rise of our country’s great middle class.  These Blue Collar Workers fueled the rise of the Democratic Party. 

But, as Progressive leadership began to dominate the Democratic Party the party abandoned those Blue Collar Workers in favor of Social Progressivism.   

What now remains of rank and file Democrats are government dependents, people who put their sexual orientation ahead of every other political issue, baby-killers and eugenicists, hard line union members who refuse to read the writing on the wall, and sympathizers who believe that party leadership actually cares about the aforementioned groups.

Similarly, Trump has divided the Republican Party.  His hostile takeover is virtually complete and he is in the process of setting adrift the remaining executives who do not share his vision for putting America First.

As he has done to the Democratic Party he is doing to the Republican Party, pledging to represent the interests of the largest percentage of the party’s rank and file, something the boardroom of the party had abandoned under the stewardship of the Bush’s, Lott, McConnell, Boehner and Ryan. 

He has jettisoned the international mega-corporations and bankers whose money corrupted party leadership.  And, he has let it be known that the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations will not dictate the American agenda under a Trump presidency.

This leaves Trump with a coalition of the hard working middle class, those who still remember that life and want to once again be a part of it, and Evangelicals who the Democrats blatantly denigrated while throwing them overboard a long time ago.

Those Republicans who Trump has rejected have declared their allegiance to a #NeverTrump movement that is left with no choice other than to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

This coalition is too strange to contemplate, international mega-corporations and government dependents supporting the same candidate.  Can corporate leaders and bankers really support a $15 minimum wage?  Will low-skilled workers suddenly support the same candidate that they spent the past year campaigning against  because she is owned by Wall Street?

Can the LGBT community support continuing to welcome Muslim immigrants with indeterminable intentions in the face of Saturday night’s massacre in Orlando?

The Democrat’s embrace of unfettered immigration led to wage compression and the loss of jobs for its constituency.  The Republican embrace of corporate interests in reducing wages was understandable, even as it was detestable at the same time.  The idea that there remains significant numbers of rank and file voters in either party who still believe in this political ideology and who will now coalesce around a single candidate is hard to fathom.

On the issue of one-sided trade deals, Republican support for the benefit of their corporate and banking donors is understandable, but the thought of the Democrat rank and file joining hands with them is not.  It is a losing play for both parties.

The absurd contradiction of this anti-American coalition was not caused by Trump.  The coalition had been strengthening over almost three decades paid for by moneyed interests that funded support of the globalist agenda.  The fealty of politicians elected to represent the people’s interests had instead been purchased by the world financial community and foreign governments.

Donald Trump simply recognized the weakness of the coalition if the working class supply line were to be separated from it, something the Globalists were rapidly doing themselves without Trump’s help.

Trump only needs to drive a wedge through this unreasonable coalition to defeat them.

The billionaire has run his campaign more like a general leads an army than the way a modern politician tiptoes around issues.  He has been direct, to the point, and he has been fearless in identifying the enemy and attacking them head on. 

Considering the motivations of the coalition that will emerge from Philadelphia and the morally bankrupt leader they have chosen, if the Trump coalition fails to win one shudders to think what that will tell us about what remains of America’s soul.