Trump Continues Fight for Citizenship Question: Has Legal Team Replaced After They Tanked Supreme Court Argument

Elder Patriot – When he was a candidate, President Trump promised Americans that he would fight for them.  Once again, he is not letting them down.

Last month, when the Supreme Court blocked a citizenship question on the 2020 census President Trump promised to continue fighting for its inclusion.

In joining the court’s leftist coalition, Chief Justice John Roberts  ignored two hundred years of established precedent when he decided that he didn’t like the reason the Trump administration had given for wanting the question on the census.

The court acknowledged the question was legal but disqualified it based on intent. 

With the stroke of a judge’s pen asking a person if they were a citizen of the United States became unconstitutional. So much for stare decisis.

Justice Clarence Thomas led the conservatives in a partial dissent, joined by Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Thomas correctly noted that the decision is the first time the high court invalidated government action because of a decision-maker’s suspect motives.

Thomas wrote:

“It is not difficult for political opponents of executive actions to generate controversy with accusations of pretext, deceit, and illicit motives.  Significant policy decisions are regularly criticized as products of partisan influence, interest group pressure, corruption, and animus.”

“The law requires a more impartial approach.”

In essence, Chief Justice Roberts allowed his court to bend the law in answer to political pressure.  That’s within the purview of the elected branches of government, not the courts.

You and I can’t re-enter our country without being questioned at a port of entry and showing identification.  This decision has effectively turned our laws against U.S. citizens.

Following the ruling, Trump immediately announced his intention to challenge the court’s usurpation of executive branch authority.

Just as Americans voted for Barack Obama to be president (he removed the question), they voted for Donald Trump to do what was necessary to restore order to our decades-old dysfunctional immigration system.

This is the way a representative democracy works.

Past presidents, including Barack Obama made cogent arguments for fixing our immigration policies, but they did nothing about it.  Except for Obama, who’s policies exacerbated the problems.

In a Republic, politicians are supposed to be answerable to the people, not multinational corporate interests.  According to a recent poll, Americans favor a question about citizenship being included in the census, by a 21-point margin, 53% to 32%! 

Reviewing the rest of the questions you’ll see that those polled aren’t fans of President Trump.   This means that in a non-biased group those wanting a citizenship question included is likely to be even larger.

President Trump is pursuing a course of action that the people who elected him – and many who didn’t vote for him – want him to.

That’s why Trump ordered the Justice Department to replace James Burnham, currently the deputy attorney general of the DOJ’s Civil Division, as the team’s leader.

Yesterday, DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec said:

“As will be reflected in filings tomorrow in the census-related cases, the Department of Justice is shifting these matters to a new team of Civil Division lawyers going forward.”

When asked about the citizenship question while departing NJ, yesterday, the president told reporters:

“… they’re spending 15 to 20 billion dollars on a census. They’re asking everything, except “Are you a citizen of the United States?” How ridiculous is that? 

“So we are moving forward; we have a couple of avenues. And our Attorney General is doing a fantastic job, in many ways, and I think he’s got it under control.

Burnham’s removal comes just days after President Trump said he was “very seriouslyconsidering an executive order to get the proposed citizenship question added to the 2020 census.