Trump Cleaning House at DHS: Secretary Nielsen Out, Secret Service Director Alles Out, Department Operating Without Six Senate-Confirmed Officials

Elder Patriot – It appears that President Trump may be putting the Department of Homeland Security on a wartime footing.

There’s no question that the president was seriously miffed when DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had planned to travel “out of town” while the situation at our southern border was blowing open into a full-blown crisis.

Remember, President Trump remained in Washington over the Christmas holiday during the government shutdown.  As a successful businessman he expects that same kind of leadership from his management team. When he gets it they get promoted.

When they don’t…

With Secretary Nielsen having been invited to submit her resignation we can surmise that Trump is using this opportunity to refocus the failed policies that Nielsen fostered.

The appointment of current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan to the position of Acting Secretary of the DHS, gives Trump an acting director who understands the nature of the crisis

McAleenan is not a political hack who’s focused on currying favor with politicians, like his predecessor was.

Trump appears to be preparing for war on multiple fronts.

The first front in that war, the obvious one, is securing the porous border and developing a common sense approach to ending “catch and release.”  Kris Kobach explains how this can be fairly easily accomplished.

  • Immediately publish Flores Settlement regulation that ends the Flores ruling.
  • End catch and release by deploying dozens of immigration judges, as well as a fleet of passenger planes, to the border.

This would allow for immediate processing – currently 90% of claims are denied but the asylum seekers are nowhere to be found by that time – and deportation of the vast majority of illegal entrants and discourage others who see how fast they were returned to their native countries.

  • Relocate the thousands of empty mobile home trailers that the United States owns right now and that they’re looking to sell at bargain prices to the border region.

Use them to house the illegal entrants while they are waiting to be processed.

This is the kind of problem-solving Trump expects in his executive team.  Nielsen likely wasn’t interested in butting heads with the entrenched Washington establishment that won’t work with him to solve the problem… that they deliberately created.

That brings us to the six positions at the top of the DHS without a senate-approved official.

It appears that President Trump has given up on expecting any help from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on staffing this department with the tough-minded individuals necessary to turn back the flow of illegals at our border.

McConnell’s interests, the interests of his band of almost two dozen Senate Decepticon Republicans, and the interests of the Democrats all intersect on open borders.

All three groups vote in accordance with their financial benefactors – the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the multinationals (banks and corps), and Wall Street.

So Trump is using the right given to him by the Vacancy Reform Act (VRA) to temporarily fill vacant positions by appointment to put his team of immigration generals together.

U.S. Secret Service Director Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles was notified 10 days ago to “prepare an exit plan,” in a signal that a transition in leadership at the Department of Homeland Security was imminent. and that he should be prepared to leave his post as head of the Secret Service as part of that transition.

Again, the failure of Alles team to initially detect the presence of 32-year-old Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman accused of lying to illegally enter President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida left President Trump doubting his performance – either because of incompetence or lack of loyalty.

This woman was a full-fledged spy, loaded for bear, and on a mission, and it took a Mar-a-Lago employee to stop her.

Now look at what President Trump has to consider.

Forty federal law enforcement agents and more than a dozen members of the Department of Justice openly participated in a failed soft-coup attempt.  President Trump is still waiting for the first whistleblower to emerge from within either agency.

Even today, both agencies seem more intent on burying, altering, or destroying any evidence of their participation in the attempt to destroy a duly elected president.

Why would President Trump trust any entrenched bureaucratic group to protect him?

Couple that with the security breach at Mar-a-lago that the Secret Service failed to detect, the three-year long agenda aided by the mainstream media to build a genuine hatred for Trump, the daily violence targeting conservatives, and throw in the trillions of dollars the globalist cabal is at risk of losing which was the proximate reason for the coup attempt to begin with, and well…

What’s the next logical option for his enemies to take?  Un huh…

You can understand why Trump wants the tightest security team he can assemble to surround him.