Trump Channels Patton During Inaugural Speech: Drops the Hammer on Radical Islam

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald J. Trump rode into Washington yesterday and immediately served notice to our friends and foes alike that there is new sheriff in town and that all equivocating in the war on terror would stop immediately.

Like the heroes in the great western movies of day gone by Trump kept his comment short but it was definitive:

“We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones. And unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.”

In only 29 words spoke volumes to our allies and our enemies.  Foreign policy expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka explained:

Gorka was asked by Sean Hannity, how that single mention of “radical Islamic terrorism” would be received around the world?  Gorka’s response outlined the difference between the fecklessness of ex-President Obama – who at times seemed to be more supportive of the radical Islamists than of the interests of America and her allies – and Donald Trump’s now publicly declared policy towards terrorism:

“Everything’s changed.  When he used those three words today, ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, he put the marker down.  For the whole national security establishment everybody heard it.  In the intelligence community and in law enforcement and (with emphasis) most important of all our allies and our enemies heard it.  No more political correctness, we’re no longer going to obfuscate, were no going to rename it.”


“The guys inside the machine that I’ve had the honor of working with, the operators who have just been shackled, who have been manacled but who now know that now we can go to war because we can be truthful about who the enemy is.  The people, especially at the top, the Brennans (CIA Director) of the world, the people just below that who have been the bag carriers for the (Obama) administration, they are on notice.  No more propaganda and no more twisting the truth.

“For both audiences … the new commander-in-chief made it unequivocal. “

Hannity asked Dr. Gorka if Trump should expect to be tested by foreign actors and his response again showed how Gorka views the difference between Obama’s weak foreign policy advisors and the team that Trump has assembled to guide him:

“Unfortunately he’s going to have to deal with that but he has an amazing team, it’s just all-stars.  General Mattis, Mike Flynn, General Kelly – we have the grown-ups in the building.  There will be tests, there will be crisis but the adults are back and they will deal with it.”

Pastor Darrell Scott then asked Dr. Gorka if he felt that Trump is less likely to be tested because of the quality of the military advisors he’s surrounded himself with.  Gorka answered:

“Yes!  I mean c’mon the alpha males are back.  You don’t challenge John Wayne!”