Trump Called on Senate to Protect Life – Forty-Nine Senators Refused Including Two Republicans

Elder Patriot – President Trump campaigned as a pro-life advocate but his New York background had people questioning his sincerity.  Trump formerly addressed it on the campaign trail:

People should’ve learned by now that this president keeps his promises… or at least he tries to.  Mitch McConnell’s inability to corral his colleagues has been the greatest impediment to Trump delivering on the agenda he promised the people.

When the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was making its way through the House President Trump released a statement pledging his support for it – as promised:

The bill would seem to be a science based and compassionate compromise except that barely half of Senators can wrap their heads around anything that might be a win-win for everyone.  Trump cited studies that show at 20 weeks an unborn child is capable of feeling pain.  The fact that is more than halfway through the gestation period make the bill a perfectly reasonable consideration for everyone.

The bill passed the House but died after it advanced to the Senate.  Only three Democrats crossed the aisle to protect babies in the latter stages of development while Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski again stabbed conservatives in the back by voting against the bill.

Those voting against the bill are the same liberal skanks who consistently call for our adherence to the norms of the “family of nations.”  Well, with 191 out of 198 nations holding abortions after 20 weeks illegal, the United States – thanks to dispassionate Dems and Collins and Murkowski – is well out of the mainstream. 

In fact, our place remains with such humanist nations as China and North Korea among the four others.

Even more disgraceful was red state Democrat Heidi Heitkamp high fiving Chuck Schumer after voting to protect abortionists rather than late-term babies:

Really?  They’re proud of that?