Trump Brings Hostage Home From Venezuela – Another Loss For Obama and His Marxist Mainstream Media

Elder Patriot – In a blow to mainstream media Marxist sympathizers President Trump announced the release of another American hostage, 26-year-old Joshua Holt. Holt had traveled to Venezuela in the summer of 2016 to marry Thamara Candelo.  Instead of returning home with his new bride Holt was jailed on trumped up charges.

Trump announced Holt’s release via Twitter yesterday morning:

The successful rescue of another American drives another couple of daggers through the credibility of the so-called journalists who seem intent on filling their stories with anti-Trump drivel.

First, this brings to 4 the number of hostages Trump has brought home without paying a ransom or making any other concessions.

When President Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiated the release of three American hostages from North Korea as a precondition for further talks with the DPRK it marked a stark contrast to the failure of President Obama’s negotiations with Iran over the hostages that they held.

For freeing those four Americans, Iran walked away with $1.6 billion in cash (important to note) as part of a larger negotiation that had us send another $150 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism anda clear path to nuclear weapons by 2025, probably sooner.  

Sooner because the deal provided for inspections when and where Iran allowed. Neville Chamberlain negotiated a similarly weak-kneed deal and then declared “peace in our time.”

Compare that to Trump’s negotiated release of the hostages held by North Korea with a dictator every bit as treacherous as Iran’s mullahs.

When the hostages hit American soil Trump hadn’t transferred a single dollar of the peoples’ hard-earned tax dollars.  And DPRK dictator Kim Jong-un has agreed that negotiations will now turn to the denuclearization of his country.

But that success for Trump is only half the story.  The return of Joshua Holt drives a second dagger through the heart of the “hate Trump” Marxist media by destroying their narrative following his negotiations with Kim.

After the hostages held by the Kim regime were returned the Huffington Post published a story titled, “3 Americans Jailed In N. Korea Are Home. But Trump May Have Made Others’ Situation Worse.”

CNN published a similarly themed report early Thursday morning titled, “Trump’s nuclear decision is bleak news for Americans held in Iran.”

NBC News published a report Thursday titled, “Prisoner release event highlights the best and worst of Trump.”

MSNBC, meanwhile, feigned indignation that Trump joked with the three Americans: “As hostages return home, Trump’s thoughts turn to TV ratings.”

Now, with the release of Holt, the mainstream media’s nabobs of negativism in the promotion of despotic regimes have been proven wrong again.  

Bonus irony: Joshua Holt was taken hostage while Obama was busy orchestrating the spy campaign against a political opponent – Donald Trump.  Trump’s successful first year shows why Obama was so desperate to keep him from destroying his anti-America legacy that he ordered the corruption of the entire federal government to prevent his election.