Trump Brilliantly Paints Republican Globalists Into a Corner

Elder Patriot – Self-proclaimed political “experts” are claiming that President Trump’s short-term deal that he made yesterday with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling is going to lead to amnesty for approximately 800,000 DACA beneficiaries.

It will.  And, that’s exactly the result the president wants. 

Contrary to the ranting of the MSM, Trump is a compassionate individual, something he has consistently proven throughout his life.  The globalist owned MSM insisted Obama was the compassionate president and he was, for foreigners and non-contributing members of society, with your money. 

What has Trump given up, a debt ceiling increase that was a fait accompli anyway?  More importantly he has cleared the decks for the much more important fights ahead.

Trump is focused on the cornerstones of his campaign and for which voters elected him president: tax and trade reform to return jobs to American workers, and significant reductions in immigration based on merit and the border wall. 

By teaming with Democrats on a three-month debt-ceiling increase, the president has negotiated Republicans into a corner.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan now no longer have these issues with which to claim they can’t get anything done on the larger, more important issues because of Democrat intransigence. 

Essentially, President Trump has forced Chamber of Commerce, corporatist-globalist, Republicans to declare themselves on his key agenda items by stripping them of the issues they’d have used to claim were sticking points.  And, with the 2018 mid-term primaries staring them in the face, they now have little wiggle room left with which to misrepresent themselves to their constituents.

House Republicans and McConnell’s team of senate RINO’s who are up for re-election will be unmasked unless they make significant concessions to the president’s pro-American worker agenda.

McConnell, in particular, will be forced to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for passing legislation if he wants to hold onto power, especially if Roy Moore defeats his surrogate, Luther Strange, in Alabama’s special election at the end of this month.  Moore has openly advocated the end of the 60-vote threshold while Strange has stood with McConnell on this.  Moore currently holds a double digit lead in the race to replace Jeff Sessions.

The Trump-hating MSM may be intent on portraying this as a win for Schumer, Pelosi and the Dems, but how could that be the case?  Dems’ have no power, except what McConnell and Ryan, or Trump give them.  And Trump has taken McConnell and Ryan’s power away on this issue. 

Trump is playing 3-D chess while they’re stuck clinging to the old left-right paradigm that has existed only in our minds for at least the past four decades.

Trump’s move has strengthened his hand immeasurably as he prepares to fight Republicans in the legislative battles ahead.  They, after all, have the power to move his agenda… not the Democrats and Trump has now made that obvious to everyone.

Speaker Ryan, trying to salvage what’s left of his popularity after having spent more than a year undermining the president, has already started saying the right thing:

“We will not be advancing legislation that doesn’t have the support of President Trump because we are going to work with the president on how to do this legislation.  The president also gave us the time and space we’re going to need to find where that [immigration] compromise is.”

On the issue of amnesty, Trump has successfully bifurcated that argument from the debt-ceiling bill leaving one honest Democrat staffer admitting:

“Clearing the deck for these things, it allows us to focus on [this legislation]. I think the only way this will ever happen is with a full-on campaign and public pressure on Republicans.” 

This is an admission that Democrats will be left counting on moving the Americans who voted for Trump away from him and towards a policy they have previously rejected.  Good luck.

Conservatives, who actually are more compassionate than progressives because they consider all of the ramifications of their actions and not just those aimed at currying favor with certain constituent groups, are more than prepared to grant amnesty to the 800,000 young DACA adults as long as it yields legislation that returns sanity to fiscal and immigration law.

Trump has provided Republicans with a lever for them to force Dems to show the public just how much they “love” those immigrants, that they gave your places in college and jobs to, when the legislative process commences.

If Republicans spit the bit and refuse to use this lever then they will have exposed themselves prior to their re-election bids. 

Either way, Trump is draining the swamp.