Trump Begins Unloading on Corrupt Dems: ‘Obama Knew’ Video Posted to President Official YouTube Channel

Elder Patriot – President Trump has been appearing with Fox News’ hosts for interviews more frequently since the release of the Mueller Report.

Trump is now assured that his position is safe.  The president is now determined to expose all of the conspiratorial corruption that was waged against him and to hold those involved accountable.

If Attorney General William Barr’s performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is any indication – Barr verbally bitch-slapped, albeit in a calm and restrained way, the desperate Democrats who attacked his integrity – the president finally has the Chief Law Enforcement Officer he was seeking.

Keep in mind that while Dems and their propagandist allies in the mainstream media spent two-and-a-half years accusing President Trump of treason, sedition, and of being an overall bad guy, the president was gathering information for the day Mueller closed shop.

Yesterday, Trump began his counteroffensive.

The president uploaded a video montage to his official Youtube channel.  It’s title, “Obama Knew.”

The video features leading Democrats, including the Manchurian president himself, making the case that Obama knew everything, in their own words.

Democrats, in order of their appearance include: former President Obama, his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Obama’s cybersecurity czar Michael Daniel, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, and Senator Mark Warner:

According to Politico, between 2014 and 2016, national security officials had been warning the Obama administration that Russia was ramping up its efforts to disrupt the United State political system.

But, Obama chose to do nothing until he saw the opportunity to open an official  counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign, perhaps to cover the illegal spying that his administration had been conducting since at least 2012.

If so, that might explain the use of the term “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texted about.

The fact is, Russia’s efforts to infiltrate the United States date back decades to the time of the Soviet Union.

For Obama to have ignored this historical record is inexcusable. Couple this with the fact that FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer expressed concern in a 99-page finding that the Obama administration had been conducting surveillance on American citizens and we have a right to ask, just who did Obama consider to be the enemy.

That he later conflated Russia’s meddling into a spying operation with which to destroy, or at least cripple Donald Trump’s presidency was criminal.

Not included in the video but relevant to what Obama may have known is that on at least two occasions Strzok and Page exchanged texts suggesting his involvement in running the spy operation on Trump’s team:

  • On Aug. 5, 2016, not even a week after the FBI launched the Trump-campaign probe, Strzok texted Page that “the White House is running this.”

  • On Sept. 2, 2016,  Page wrote, “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.” POTUS is an acronym for president of the United States.

Now I’m sure there’s an innocent explanation for these texts, I just can’t think of one.