Trump Ascendant – Message of Unity and Prosperity Resonating With All Voters

ELDER PATRIOT – Something is happening among America’s diverse ethnic groups that bear a great similarity to post-Revolutionary and post-Civil War times.  The differences among our peoples are being put aside as they realize that greater benefits will come from being unified as Americans and abandoning their allegiance to the countries that they left behind.

This unification is being led by an outsider who grew disgusted watching the political leadership in Washington divide us amongst each other in order to obscure their true goal of placing corporate, banking, and foreign interests ahead of those of the people they were elected to serve.

To gain and maintain control of our country’s institutions so that they could permanently systematize the fleecing of hardworking Americans for the benefit of the elites, politicians have methodically employed arguments that divide us by color, age, sex, income level and ethnicity while they were busy constructing a global financial network and consolidating power through the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, Dodd-Frank, and international trade agreements as well as other similar entities that serve only the interests of global elites. 

The plan for global control first took root in the United Sates when Progressives were successful in getting the Sixteenth Amendment passed and a permanent income tax instituted in 1912.    

Once the Progressives had opened that door they continued campaigning for additional and more expensive government programs solely as a means for rewarding certain voting blocs that continued returning them to power.

Prior to the implementation of the federal income tax – the period from 1865 until 1913 – the United States experienced its greatest economic growth.  The period immediately following the end of the Civil War became known as the Gilded Age:

The Gilded Age saw the greatest period of economic growth in American history. After the short-lived panic of 1873, the economy recovered with the advent of hard money policies and industrialization. From 1869 to 1879, the US economy grew at a rate of 6.8% for real GDP and 4.5% for real GDP per capita, despite the panic of 1873.  The economy repeated this period of growth in the 1880s, in which the wealth of the nation grew at an annual rate of 3.8%, while the GDP was also doubled. – H/T Wikipedia

Driving much of our country’s growth during this period was the development of the nation’s industrial infrastructure – coal and oil – that propelled our unencumbered entrepreneurial class to make the United States the world’s leading manufacturing country.

In the mid and late 1920’s, the U.S. government severely restricted immigration in response to the flood of immigrants who brought nothing with them but their belief that “the streets of America were paved with gold.”  It had become apparent that this was damaging the growth of prosperity for the citizens of the country.  The U.S. continued granting admission to family and learned professionals but otherwise restricted immigration to 2% of each nationality that was in the country in 1890.  This was done to allow those immigrants that were already here to assimilate.  If only today’s politicians cared to protect the interest of today’s hardworking and out-of-work citizens.

In 1963 Progressive President Lyndon Johnson came to power and immediately began lobbying for the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 that established our modern system of welfare that permanently divided workers from those who don’t and created the vehicle that destroyed the nuclear family among the program’s recipients.  Blacks, in particular, suffered disproportionately as a result of this single piece of legislation.  This conclusion of the respected Black think tank Project 21 is well-documented on their website.

The following year Johnson opened our country’s borders wide to unskilled and indigent immigrants when he signed the Hart-Celler 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.

These two pieces of legislation constituted a one-two punch that worked to propel Progressives into a position of Electoral College dominance by greatly growing the numbers of people dependent on government and adding $20 trillion in debt to those taxpayers picking up the bill.

Notably, despite all of the rhetoric that Progressive politicians spew at us about making the rich pay their “fair share” they never do.  That’s only logical since they control the Progressive politicians who write our tax laws.

We now find ourselves a divided nation once again as we did after the end of the Civil War and with many of the same challenges and opportunities facing us.

Once again our infrastructure is in need of rebuilding and recent discoveries of immense oil and gas reserves, coupled with the potential of nuclear power, our vast reservoirs of coal, and the yet to be cost effective promise that wind and solar energies hold, present enormous opportunity to put people to work supplying a renewed manufacturing sector with low cost energy.

Likewise, dismantling the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) that protects the Progressives’ financial elites by commanding government to protect those entities that are “to big to fail” can unshackle America’s entrepreneurs by placing them, once again, on equal footing with large international corporations.  No other single piece of legislation would create more jobs for Americans than the repeal of Dodd-Frank.

Coupled with fair trade deals, balanced by tariffs when necessary, would awaken our shackled economy and create tens of millions of new jobs for American workers.

Hillary Clinton continues taking billions of dollars from her globalist donors but wants us to believe that she represents the American worker.  She would like voters to forget her support of NAFTA, Dodd-Frank, higher taxes, and TPP.

Donald Trump is campaigning against all of that.  His platform is intent on bringing jobs back for all Americans. 

Mrs. Clinton’s Progressive campaign is openly running against White America – specifically white males.  Donald Trump is going into our inner cities and asking the people who live there to join in an American economic renaissance.

It is against this backdrop that Hillary Clinton is calling Donald Trump a racist and a xenophobe along with other disparaging labels to discredit him. 

In contrast Trump has embraced all of America’s ethnic and social classes in a message of unity but voters need to realize that Trump’s call for sensible immigration reform, that works for Americans ahead of migrants, doesn’t make him xenophobic or racist, it places Americans first – all Americans.

In this way Donald Trump is calling for the same sensible immigration laws that our America First legislators put in place in 1924 to protect American workers of that time and that were intended to nurture the principles the undergird America’s greatness among the assimilating immigrants already here.

This explains why Donald Trump is surging among Blacks and Hispanics.  Many are coming to recognize that his message isn’t racist or xenophobic, it’s about protecting Americans including Blacks and Hispanics against the foreign invasion of all peoples who are taking their jobs, making their communities less safe, and feeding from the public trough that those still working have been generously paying for.  All of this is literally destroying Americans’ prosperity now and into the future as the presence of the invaders is being paid for through the accrual of debt – $20 trillion dollars worth of debt so far.  And it’s expected the cost of immigration will keep accruing debt for the next three-quarters of a century.

Trump has campaigned on a message of unity focused on bringing all Americans together in a great political movement to re-instill life into our country’s time tested and proven foundational principles to success and prosperity.   Trump is telling all Americans that can only occur by acknowledging that Americans must stand together as one and work together to advance our collective interests against those of the global monetary powers.

Traditional polls are as skewed in Mrs. Clinton’s favor as the reporting of the mainstream media that produces them.  In 2008, the Senator Barack Obama relied heavily on Big Data Analytics to propel his election to president.  This same methodology indicates that Donald Trump’s message is resonating among Blacks and Hispanics.

Big Data Analytics is an advanced way to mine political intelligence by leveraging artificial intelligence, keyword Boolean, search analysis, keyword spiders, site scraping, text analytics and machine learning/tagging under the proprietary methodology of CulturIntel™.  It has proven to be incredibly accurate since the time it was first put to use.

These analytics suggest that Trump is getting between 20-30% support among Black voters and nearing 40% with Hispanic voters.  If these figures are anywhere near accurate Trump’s message that prosperity and security is within the grasp of every American is taking hold among minority voters who have grow disillusioned with the Progressives’ usual campaign messages that finds them worse off with each successive electoral cycle.

This could spell the end of the divisive tactics of the left-right paradigm that was so instrumental in obscuring the globalist threat during our past electoral cycles. 

If Trump is successful it could signal that beginning of a new era of American exceptionalism and prosperity.

Our liberties and prosperity have been suppressed long enough under past globalist-approved candidates.  It’s time for a change.

It appears more and more voters have been listening when Trump asks, “What do you have to lose?”