Troubling Signs We Might Think Twice About Trusting the New Lindsey Graham

Elder Patriot – Let’s start from the position that all politicians are opportunists at least to some degree.  Let’s also stipulate that the vast majority of those we send to Washington to represent our interests simply don’t.  All too often – in fact almost exclusively – it seems they’re more intent on protecting each other that on protecting us.

Can we also agree that, when all is said and done, congressional investigations are nothing more than dog and pony shows?  Don’t agree? Name one congressional investigation that has yielded a single criminal referral against any of its targets.

Congressional investigations are where political bones can be made – the right’s infatuation with Trey Gowdy for example – but where no one is ever held to account.  The hearings are little more than red meat to feed the biases of both sides’ rank and file.

It is against this backdrop that you can weigh the value of the “new” Lindsey Graham’s promise to re-open hearings into Hillary Clinton’s emails, if Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley steps aside and he succeeds him. (prompt to 4:40 mark)

“I want to know why the FBI reached the conclusion, along with the Department of Justice, that Hillary Clinton didn’t commit a crime. Was it because of political bias?  

“If you really wanted to stop Trump how in the world could you indict her?  Was the reason she wasn’t indicted because they wanted to make sure that they stopped Trump?  

“And, how can you stop Trump if you indict her?”


“We need a special counsel to look at this.”

Great questions but then Graham promises (threatens?) to open a Judiciary Committee investigation is he ascends to the chairmanship.

Please, please, please, that’s truly the last thing we need.  Another congressional investigation that serves no purpose but to further polarize our country.

The reality of that didn’t stop the suddenly muscular – since his evisceration of Judiciary Committee Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings – Senator from trying to further burnish his persona as a tough guy.

As we said great political theater and red meat for conservatives, but Graham’s long standing role of mini me to John McCain lingers.

If a special counsel is called for, there is more than enough evidence already in the public forum to warrant one, then newly appointed Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is the rightful official to appoint one.

Graham can ask for such an appointment in a letter that details what is already known – thanks in large measure to the efforts of a private investigatory group, Judicial Watch.

In fact several books have already been written that provide extensive evidence already collated.

But, do we really need a second special counsel?

Frankly, as we pointed out yesterday, Whitaker may actually have already taken some baby steps to shed sunlight on the Obama-era corruption at the FBI and DOJ during his time as the chief of staff of the man he replaced.

After months of acquiring evidence as former A.G. Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, there is reason to believe that Whitaker may be the one who’s been dropping crumbs at critical junctures (on at least five critical occasions between February and July of this year) along the way to counter attacks on President Trump by the intelligence components of the Deep State.

The reason why a second special counsel is an option looks to be an obvious route following the court filings by current special counsel Robert Mueller to block efforts by any other body, including the president on grounds it would obstruct his investigation.

But another special counsel is not necessary and runs the risk of both special counsels being viewed as representing different parties and not is search of the truth.  Just two more highly expensive dog and pony shows.

Lindsey Graham should know all of this which is why it’s fair game to ask him why, in the name of God, he would want to turn half of the committee’s hearing time over to rabid political partisans – Feinstein, Whitehouse, Booker, Harris, Blumenthal, et al – knowing the result will be another shit show.

What is the ultimate result he seeks?  Further division among the electorate? The best he can hope for is a criminal referral.  He’s already listed enough publicly known evidence to document it in a letter that asks Whitaker to do his job.

The rightful place for this investigation to be handled is within the DOJ under the watchful eye and guidance of an honest Attorney General.  The Attorney General, along with his Deputy Rod Rosenstein, can declassify documents without fear of being charged with obstruction.

No more dog and pony shows.  Let’s get on with it.