Triple-Amputee Combat Vet Receiving Vile Hate Mail Encouraged by High-Profile Libs – His Offense? #GoFundTheWall Movement! Warning: Contains Offensive Language

Elder Patriot – Everything that’s wrong with the Left has been exposed by veteran Brian Kolfage, a man who lost three limbs, while in a forward combat zone in Iraq, defending their right to be complete asshats.

Here’s  portion of the official incident report from the night USAF Airman Kolfage was injured:

Background and reconstructed summary of events follows:

Balad AB was attacked three times on 11 Sep. The first attack was in the early afternoon, the second occurred about 4 hours later and the third occurred about 2 hours after the second attack. Kolfage was injured at the beginning of the first attack. The first attack had multiple impact locations. Several impacts were spaced relatively close in time, followed by additional impacts approximately 40 minutes after the initial impacts.

Airman Kolfage could’ve chosen to rely on government for the rest of his life but he had things to do and the loss of three limbs would not deter him.

First a little history that explains the person, Brian Kolfage:

My name is Brian Kolfage, I’m a veteran of The United States Air Force. I was severely wounded in Combat, on 9/11/2004 while serving in Iraq. I lost both my legs entirely and my right hand. I’m the most severely wounded US Airman to survive.

I worked alongside Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords on her veteran advisory committee.  I endorsed her, have great respect for her, and helped her win her final election with a pivotal campaign commercial. In Giffords’ Time Magazine interview, I was honored to be named as someone who inspires her.

I’m not a “conservative.” I’m not a “liberal.” I’m an American, with deep beliefs in what our country stands for. I proved this by fighting for America, knowing I may not return home. My life was spared, but I paid for freedom with one arm and both my legs.

Kolfage wrote that on the website that he founded, highly popular Right Wing News (  His site was almost completely demonetized during Facebook’s purge of conservatives.

If anyone has earned the right to speak freely and be respected in his private life it’s Kolfage.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, not even close to being the case.

Facebook’s stock has been plunging since they created algorithms to limit the reach of the websites fully half of America’s population turned to for conservative news.  Facebook’s investors have paid dearly for their bias.

But who will make these vile morons, people who actually went out of their way to disparage a true survivor – not a boy like David “Media” Hogg who was uninjured – pay for their transgressions:

Last week Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel, who sacrificed nothing to earn their platforms, decided to make Kolfage a target of their left-wing hate campaign.


“This Trump supporter, Brian Kolfage, started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion for the wall. He launched it on Sunday, it’s already up to almost $9 million. This is what people do with their disposable income when they don’t have loans from college to pay off.”

“Donating money for a wall that will never exist — it’s like starting a college fund for Harry Potter. It’s a waste — a more useful thing to do with your money would be to go outside and feed it to a bird. But, you do have to admire the sacrifice they’re making — I mean, a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this.”

Milano also felt the need to chime in, though her message wasn’t very logical:

Milano was unwittingly calling attention to the fact that her beloved DemonRats wouldn’t give funding for the vets either.

Regardless, that was the trigger the Left’s degenerate morons needed.  No safe spaces for a triple-amputee combat vet.

Maybe they’d have sympathy for him if he were an illegal alien who was drunk and drove his car into Kolfage’s family killing them, instead.

As you read the hateful messages keep in mind that Kolfage is simply trying to raise money to build the border wall with private funds since Democrats won’t fund one.

Think about that, roll it around in your mind for a minute.  When Democrats want something everyone must pay for it – Obamacare, Welfare, sanctuary cities, legal representation for illegal aliens, etc.

But let a conservative offer to pay for something near and dear to his heart, well Democrats just can’t allow that.  They will run your lives, cradle-to-grave, and you’ll keep your mouths shut.

WARNING: The emails and messages contain extremely offensive language.

It didn’t stop there.  They also urged him to commit suicide.

Enough?  It gets worse:

Some some hate-filled scumbag actually wished his family a “slow and painful death.”


FYI:  16.8 veterans and 3.8 active-duty servicemembers, guardsmen or reservists kill themselves every day according to the latest report.

The left never learns.  They’re treating our vets with the same despicable mentality they treated them after Viet Nam.

They’re so incoherent and devoid of logic it’s hard to keep up.  Now the left is deriding Trump for trying to unwind our involvement in Syria – a war their heroes, Obama and Hillary started by the way.