Treason! Senate Republican Leadership Opposing Trump’s Efforts to Protect America

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s doubtful that when Donald Trump decided to run for president he fully understood that entrenched Congressional Republicans would be the greatest roadblock to fulfilling his campaign promises primarily because they ran promising allegiance to the same policies.

The tip-off, that they were feigning their interest for political purposes, should’ve come from the fact that they’d run on those issues for years, and in many cases for decades, and yet never did anything to address them once they were elected or re-elected.

Trump’s signature campaign issue was his promise to put an end to America’s open borders policies that have led to the fracturing of our society, the diminishment of wages, and a threat to every citizens’ safety. 

House and Senate Republicans spent the past eight years complaining about and campaigning against Obama’s lax enforcement of our borders so you would think they’d be rejoicing at finally having a majority in both houses of congress and a supportive president.

That is why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s criticism of Donald Trump’s recent tweets stating his displeasure with the judge who issued the temporary restraining order putting a halt to the implementation of the president’s executive order that placed a temporary ban on non-America citizens entering the United States from terror hotspots speaks very loudly about McConnell’s true intentions.

McConnell is both an attorney and a politician.  Unfortunately for everyday Americans McConnell has ditched his legal hat for his political one in his recent criticisms of the president. 

The temporary restraining order issued by Seattle judge that halted Trump’s efforts to bolster border security and improve the safety of every American was fraught with a “cavalcade of legal errors”.  If Judge Robart had followed the law he would’ve dismissed the case on its face for its failure to meet even the most minimal thresholds that federal rules require before a plaintiff even has standing for their case to be heard. 

More astonishingly, the judge effectively seized power over the entire federal immigration system that the constitution clearly and unambiguously vests in the president, exclusively.

The mainstream media immediately seized upon the ruling to defend the judge and extol the humanity and the morality of his ruling, and to denounce President Trump with a tidal wave of commentary based, of course, on what will prove to be based on “fake” premises.

This led Donald Trump to resort to using twitter – the 140-character arsenal that he consistently and successfully used against the $1.8 trillion mainstream media to get elected – to trash Judge Robart’s decision:

Trump is right on both legal and political ground.  And, if his use of twitter offends some of the Elite, well their domination of the mainstream media offends a growing majority of Americans.

As an attorney McConnell knows that Trump’s E.O. is founded on firm legal grounds.  As a politician McConnell realizes that Trump’s 6 tweets were effectively neutering the mainstream media’s fake narrative claiming that the order had undermined both America’s laws and her moral standing.

McConnell’s response distancing himself from the president, tells us everything about the senator’s intentions to kick the can down the road on immigration reform and border protection to the delight of establishment Republicans and Democrats alike.

It’s an increasing concern that McConnell has embraced the Democrats’ use of the federal judiciary to undermine federal law for the purpose of achieving their political goals when those goals are in direct opposition to the voters’ approval. 

This raises the question as to whether McConnell will use his influence as Senate Majority Leader to stall the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court just long enough to make it though one more session and before Gorsuch can tilt the court’s balance away from McConnell and the open border crowd.

As things now stand an ideologically divided court that votes 4-4 would allow the lower court’s ruling to remain in effect for the foreseeable future.  By slowing Gorsuch’s confirmation until after the coming Supreme Court session, McConnell can effectively destroy Trump’s momentum on his signature issue.

McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and the Democrats would like nothing better than to use this maneuver to cut Trump down to size and to continue undermining the interests of everyday Americans for as long as they can.

It’s time to call Mitch McConnell’s office and tell him you expect him to use whatever parliamentary procedures may be necessary to guarantee that Neil Gorsuch is confirmed prior to the start of the coming Supreme Court session.  It’s time to demand McConnell prove he stands with America’s citizens who elected him and not immigrants with unknown intentions.      

Mitch McConnellPhone: 202-224-2541 Fax: (202) 224-2499.